We have joined hands with Burn Healing Foundation for free post burn operation for poor & needy. Call 99748 07544 for more info.

We have joined hands with Burn Healing Foundation for free post burn operation for poor & needy. Call 99748 07544 for more info.

Why renowned cosmetic surgeon preferred Vaser Lipo?

If you have thought of undergoing a procedure for excess fat removal from your body, you must have heard of traditional liposuction surgery. But have you learned about the benefits of Vaser liposuction treatment? It is a step beyond conventional liposuction and provides better results. The treatment provides you with a defined body contour.

Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to break the fatty cells and improve your physique. Hence, cosmetic surgeons rely extensively on this technology to provide a better contour to their patients.

What is Vaser liposuction?

Before the arrival of Vaser liposuction treatment, cosmetic surgeons used traditional liposuction to remove unwanted fat deposits. In conventional liposuction, they use a small cannula to loosen fat deposits. Once the cannula has performed its role, a surgeon uses suction to remove the fat.

Vaser liposuction accomplishes the same role, but it uses ultrasound frequencies instead of a cannula and suction. As a result, it can effectively remove excess tissues without damaging the surrounding blood vessels. As this technology precisely targets excess fat deposits, you get exceptional results. You can use Vaser treatment to target fatty cells in your abdomen, thighs, neck, and arms.

Who is a candidate for Vaser liposuction?

Any man or woman who is close to their ideal body weight is suitable for Vaser liposuction. Moreover, it would help if you set a realistic expectation from the treatment. A Dr for Vaser liposuction first understands your expectations from the surgery. Furthermore, they refine your thoughts about the process and help you understand the Vaser liposuction pros and cons. Once you have been informed of the procedure and its pros and cons, your doctor will create an individualised treatment plan for you. Remember, before the treatment begins, you must inform the surgeons about your health status.

Pros and cons of Vaser liposuction

While most people want to have aesthetically pleasing body contours, they fail to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the procedure before undergoing it. The same is it with Vaser Liposuction. Therefore, it is vital that you understand Vaser liposuction pros and cons before moving on with the treatment. For more information, you may contact one of the best Vaser lipo surgeons, Dr. Umesh Shah.

Pros of Vaser liposuction

Vaser liposuction provides various benefits to your overall physique, including:

  • Precisely removes fatty deposits
    Even after following a healthy lifestyle and active exercise routine, you may not lose fats from every part of your body. In addition, some fats are resistant to diet and exercise. In such cases, Vaser liposuction is a sigh of relief. It can effectively remove small fat pockets from different body parts. For example, you can use this technology to remove fat from your lower belly, thighs, neck, and arms.
  • Improved body contours
    As the treatment precisely removes fatty tissues, you can easily achieve a contoured figure. It uses high-definition ultrasonic waves to dissolve fat pockets. Moreover, it targets specific fatty areas to enhance your anatomical features.
  • Faster recovery
    It provides a better recovery than traditional liposuction methods. Therefore, you may get back to your routine within a few weeks.
  • Negligible discomfort
    As the treatment does not make any cuts in your body, you may not feel any discomfort.
  • Minimally invasive
    It is a minimally invasive technique to remove stubborn fats. It infuses the fatty layers with tumescent liquid and then applies ultrasonic waves to break the fatty cells.
  • High satisfaction rate
    As the treatment provides a precise result, you will experience higher satisfaction.

However, these benefits are visible when you undergo Vaser liposuction under an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Their skilled hands and expertise provide exceptional results. Hence, it is imminent that you contact one of the best Vaser lipo surgeons to get a defined body contour.

Cons of Vaser liposuction

A few associated risks include:

  • Bleeding
    In rare cases, you may experience bleeding in the surgical site. Moreover, some patients may develop blood clots. Therefore, it is suggested to keep yourself active. For example, you may try slow walks to remain active.
  • Infection
    If your selected medical facility does not maintain proper hygiene, you may develop infections.
  • Inability to return to work right after the treatment.
    You will have to take a week off from your work and other commitments for proper recovery.

To achieve faster recovery, you must relax after the surgery. Try not to get involved in exercises and other physical workouts right after the treatment. Moreover, listen carefully to your surgeons and adhere to the after-care instructions.

Schedule a body contouring assessment

If you want to get a perfect figure, you must take that extra step to define your body contours. For your ease and comfort, you can schedule your appointment with Dr. Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital. You can freely discuss your concerns with him.

To lose those stubborn fats that do not go away with diet and exercise, you may contact us to meet your requirements. We will evaluate your health condition to see if you are fit for Vaser liposuction. In addition, you can discuss Vaser liposuction pros and cons with us.

The treatment takes longer to fulfil. It is because it is a detailed and nuanced procedure to remove fat pockets from your body. Therefore, it is essential to contact an expert for the process. To get the best treatment, call Amish Hospital.

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