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Lipodissolve or mesotherapy entails a series of injections & medication that are supposed to melt localized fat deposits. Amish Hospital offers the best lipodissolve in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lipodissolve is a non-surgical and innovative substitute for liposuction. It became popular in the mid-2000s. The other term used for Lipodissolve is Mesotherapy. It is a cosmetic treatment during which a solution is administered into the areas affected by fat and cellulite. It removes the extra fat from our body by breaking down the bonds that hold the solid body fat. The liquid form of fat can then be removed much more quickly from our body. The treatment procedure has shown remarkable results in eliminating and smoothing cellulite.

    FDA has not approved this procedure yet as the effectiveness and safety of the Lipodissolve injection had not been proved till now. Many reputed physicians don’t tend to use this treatment procedure. Instead, they opt for some other alternatives like non-surgical body contouring treatments.

    There are excellent options for Lipodissolve in Vadodara, with Amish hospital being one of the best.

    Lipodissolve can be administered to various body parts, including the belly, chin, arms and legs. It removes the deposited fat that is generally not affected by diet or exercise and can also be used as an effective technique for cellulite treatment. However, post-treatment swelling can be noticed after the treatment. It creates a more toned and firmer appearance without the need for tuck or lifts surgery. It diminishes the cellulite by stiffening healthy skin around the site of Lipodissolve injection.

    In the traditional liposuction procedure, fat cells are suctioned out of the body. But the action of Lipodissolve is entirely different. The wall of fatty cells are broken down, and later the fat is flushed out from the body in the form of waste. Lipodissolve can be used for belly fat, flabby arms and double chin.

    • Lipodissolve on the arms: Upper and Lower arms are those parts of the body that generally refuse to slim down even after rigorous diet and exercise. If you had many unsuccessful attempts to tone your arms, your last option could be to go for Lipodissolve treatment.
    • Lipodissolve on the Chin: Double chin can make a healthy person look much heavier. Excessive fat in the chin area disrupts your appearance and resists all your attempts at body toning. Lipodissolve is a safe technique to be administered in the double chin, which can help you achieve a toned look.
    • Lipodissolve on the Belly: It is generally very challenging to get rid of the fat belly. Even the most vigorous exercise and diet seem ineffective in the spare tire section. Lipodissolve can be a great option to knock out the belly fat.
    • Lipodissolve on the Legs: Cellulite concentration and fat accumulation are generally much higher in the inner and outer thighs. Getting rid of this stubborn cellulite is very difficult. The introduction of soy-based Lipodissolve treatment has solved this problem to a great extent. The solution can be administered directly to this area to flush out the extra fat.

    Amish Hospital has an experienced team of cosmetic surgeons who offer Lipodissolve in Vadodara. While it is believed that Lipodissolve cost in Vadodara is high, it is vital to note that it is as affordable as any other cosmetic procedure.

    Lipodissolve treatment is a chemical injection consisting of vitamins, enzymes and a soy protein called phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is a safe substance used by doctors for treating high cholesterol.

    Once the Lipodissolve solution is introduced into the target area, the molecular bonds which hold the solid fat molecules are dissolved, converting the solid fat to liquid. Then the natural waste filtration organs, including the intestine and liver, are used for flushing out the fat out of the body. The completion of this fat removal procedure can take from several weeks to a few months. Improvements in the affected area are generally observed after four weeks of treatment.

    Lipodissolve treatment can be used in all body parts with small stubborn fat but is generally ineffective with large fats. To determine whether you need to opt for liposuction or Lipodissolve, you must consult your doctor. The Lipodissolve cost in Vadodara varies from one hospital to another based on various factors. But for better clarity regarding the price and the procedure, call Amish Hospital.

    The recovery process for Lipodissolve is rapid. You don’t need to take any leave from your regular duties while following the treatment. You can consult your doctor about carrying out some activities like driving. About an hour after the surgery, you will experience a slight burning sensation around the treated area. The other discomfort experienced will be slight bruising or swelling around the area of injection. Some of the patients might also experience fever, nausea, or dizziness. Your Lipodissolve doctor will guide you thoroughly on how to reduce the side effects. For more information, you may visit Amish Hospital.


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