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Gender reassignment surgery (GRS) refers to all surgical procedures a patient wishes to undergo in a bid to become like the opposite sex. Amish Hospital offers the best gender reassignment surgery in India.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gender Reassignment Surgery is conducted to upheaval individuals with gender dysphoria to their desired gender. Individuals with gender dysphoria feel a strong desire or urge to change their gender. They often think that they were born in the wrong gender. For example, a biological male may feel a strong desire to become a female and vice versa.

    People with gender dysphoria often take the help of surgery in their physical transition process. However, the decision to change one's gender should not be taken in a hurry. Medical care providers often advise a patient to undergo counselling. It helps the patient determine if they are ready to experience the physical transition process and embrace new changes.

    The surgical procedure requires time and several sessions. It starts with reconstructing the genitals. When a man transitions into a woman, his testicles and penis are removed. The skin from the penis is used to construct the vagina. Similarly, a woman goes through a surgical procedure to transition into a man. The surgery is complicated and expensive. The female reproductive system is removed from a woman's body, and a penis and scrotum are constructed.

    Before the surgery, a patient is required to undergo hormone therapy. The surgeons also recommend their patients to live and dress up like their desired sex for at least a year. It makes them comfortable and helps them adapt to the new identity.

    It is also recommended that the patient undergo psychotherapy. It helps them adjust to the new lifestyle. It is not necessary to undergo gender transition surgery. Some people fulfil their desire by adopting hormone therapy.

    The requirements for sex reassignment surgery include:

    • The patient's age should be above 18 years.
    • The patient must have undergone hormone therapy for at least a year.
    • Proper diagnosis of the patient should be made. They should be diagnosed with at least a condition like a gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder, anxiety/depression related to their sexuality.
    • It is recommended to have approval from a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

    These requirements can help a patient change their gender. You can research, and if you must undergo a sex change operation in India, you may contact Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital.

    It isn't easy to give an exact figure for a sex-change operation. Gender reassignment surgery is a complex procedure and involves multiple sessions. The cost of surgery depends on your ultimate goal and the sessions required to achieve that goal.

    Gender reassignment surgery involves multiple plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The type of clinic and surgery serves as an attribute to decide the total cost of the procedure. If you intend to know about gender reassignment surgery cost in India, you may contact Dr Umesh Shah. He can provide you with the details of the surgery and the expected cost.

    The process of a sex-change operation starts with gender identification. It is the foremost step, and the trans person has to identify their true selves to become similar to their desired sex. A trans person can identify their gender after reaching mental maturity level. They may seek the help of a counsellor to identify their true self. A doctor can also help in identifying the gender when trans babies are born.

    The next step involves introspection. A trans person needs to understand the surgical procedure. Some surgical procedures like vaginoplasty are irreversible. Therefore, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of the surgery. It is recommended to start the procedure when you don't have any doubt regarding the process.

    Before the surgery, you have to quit smoking and alcohol consumption. The presence of nicotine in cigarettes slows down the recovery process. If you are undergoing a nipple graft, try to quit smoking at the earliest because nipple tissues are sensitive to nicotine. The consumption of nicotine can damage the graft, and it might get rejected.

    You may consider broadening your knowledge on gender reassignment surgery in India before undergoing the procedure. For more information on the surgery, consult your surgeon and follow the do's and don'ts.

    Many people are benefitted from sex-change surgeries. It is not a new phenomenon and has been embraced by numerous people all over the globe.

    Hormone therapy

    The surgeon can give the right hormones after assessing your condition. Your surgeon may want to know about your desire to have a biological child and counsel you about sperm donation.

    You may choose a breast augmentation procedure if the breast development is insufficient. The decisions are taken after assessing hormone's impact on your body.

    Surgery of male changing to female

    The surgery starts with reconstructing the genitalia, followed by breast augmentation.

    The next step involves the removal of testicles. Extra skin from the scrotum is trimmed to create the labia. The process gradually moves towards penile surgery. An incision is made on the glans (tip) of the penis, and extra skin is removed from the penis. The glans are used to construct the clitoris.

    Next, the skin is turned inside out, and space is created between the rectum and urethra. The skin is inserted in this space, and then the urethra is shortened and stitched to this position. The unwanted tissues, like the erectile tissues, are discarded during the procedure.

    You need to stay in the hospital for five days following the surgery. You are discharged from the hospital after the removal of the catheter.

    Surgery of female changing to male

    Surgery to remove the breast tissues is the most critical operation for a transgender man. The next step involves the creation of the penis. There are two options to construct a penis. The first one involves taking skin from the forearm and turning it into a penis. However, this process leaves a scar on the forearm. The second alternative consists of converting the clitoris into a penis.

    If you must undergo a sex change, you may consult with Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital.

    Sex change surgery is a long term procedure. It takes multiple sessions to complete the surgery. The entire sex change operation may take years to get you the desired results. Therefore, it is essential to consider all aspects before undergoing surgery. You have to be doubtlessly sure about your gender because it will define your identity.

    Gender reassignment surgery is irreversible, and it impacts your life. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your surgeon and discuss your fears and doubts with them. It will clear your perspective on the surgery and help you develop a realistic expectation.

    It has been found that 97% of individuals find the results of a sex-change operation satisfactory. However, it is recommended that you talk to your surgeon before undergoing surgery.

    Gender reassignment surgery is ideal for two types of individuals. The first category includes those individuals who were not assigned a biological gender when they were born, and the second category has individuals with gender dysphoria. Individuals with gender dysphoria don't feel comfortable in their birth gender and decide to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

    If you want to know more about transgender operation cost in India, it is recommended to talk to your surgeon and understand the surgery's requirements. It will help if you deliver your expectations to them. In addition, it will help them understand your requirements, and you can also develop a realistic approach to the surgery's results.


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