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Body contouring helps with skin removal following significant weight reduction. This operation improves the tone of tissue and eliminates excess skin and fat. Amish Hospital offers the best body contouring in Ahmedabad.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Body Contouring is a group of cosmetic procedures (usually non-surgical) to remove the excess fatty tissues or excess skin to let out a firm body. People who are overweight or obese have a toned body that can be easily sculpted by removing the excess fat and skin. Body contouring procedures eliminate the fatty tissues around the abdomen and thighs to reveal a well-toned body.

    You might believe in exercising and a proper diet for losing weight, and with strict adherence, you will succeed, but there’s a good chance that after losing over 10 Kgs, you might have loose excess skin around your belly. Body Contouring can help you with that loose skin.

    Often, no matter how hard you try, the body might not respond to your rigorous exercises and diets. Body contouring might be able to help you with that. Although the non-surgical procedures of body contouring provide you with a sure yet safe alternative to weight loss, it won’t help you if you are looking to lose a drastic weight. The perfect candidate is someone who is close to their required body weight and already has an exercise and diet regime in place.

    If you want to lose some weight or get rid of loose skin via body contouring in Ahmedabad, visit Amish Hospital.

    There are certain things you need to be prepared for while appearing for any treatment procedure. Preparatory instructions for Body Contouring include:

    • After the procedure, you have to work hard to maintain your weight.
    • Be thoroughly prepared for the scarring on the skin, as it is one of the primary consequences of body contouring. But you might be relieved to know that cosmetic surgeons perform the body contouring procedure in such a way that the scars are concealed under the fold of the body or in a place usually covered by clothes.
    • Removing excess fatty tissues from the belly, thigh, or any other body part would mean using techniques like lipolysis or liposuction. If your skin has lost its elastic nature, then the doctor might have to remove the excess loose skin as well.
    • The most significant interferences in the recovery from body contouring procedures are smoking and drinking alcohol. So you should quit smoking and reduce the alcohol intake as much as possible for a better and quicker recovery and excellent results.

    Your cosmetic surgeon might tell you more about how you specifically have to prepare for the procedure. So follow the instructions given by them carefully for the best results.

    Body Contouring is primarily done through non-surgical procedures. The minimally invasive nature of these procedures makes it easier to eliminate the excess fatty tissues. In addition, these methods help cosmetic surgeons with body contouring to provide you with a toned body. These non-surgical methods include:

    • Laser Lipolysis: Laser lipolysis is executed through controlled heating to eliminate the fatty tissues. It requires about 12 weeks or 3 months to remove the fatty tissues using lipolysis successfully. It is mainly used for the fat cells around the abdomen.
    • Injection Lipolysis: Injection lipolysis or Kybella is primarily used for the removal of a double chin. Deoxycholic acid is injected to terminate the fatty cells, which are flushed out by the body naturally in a few weeks.
    • Cryolipolysis: As the name suggests, cryolipolysis uses controlled freezing temperature to destroy the fatty cells. It is performed carefully so as not to affect the nearby healthy cells. It is used for removing the fatty tissues around aides, arms, breasts, back, thighs, abdomen, etc.
    • Radiofrequency Lipolysis: The procedure uses an FDA approved ultrasound technology for removing the fat pockets around various parts of the body. It is used for fattening around the abdomen and flank area.

    These non-surgical procedures are beneficial for you as they won’t hold you up for too long. You can get back to your work in a couple of weeks. If you have excess fat or loose skin problems and are looking for body contouring in Ahmedabad, book an appointment for a consultation at Amish Hospital, and we’ll resolve all your queries.

    The cosmetic surgeon and anesthesiologist might decide to administer general anaesthesia for the procedure. So you should be ready for an overnight stay. However, you might also experience certain healing issues for a few weeks. In that case, consult with your doctor.

    You might need to use drains after the surgery to remove any excess fluids. Its usage will be explained to you by the doctor. In addition, a compression band is usually advised to be worn after the procedure to prevent the accumulation of any fluids.

    It takes a few weeks to get over the initial discomfort and several months for a complete recovery.

    If you have excess fat or loose skin problems and are looking for body contouring in Ahmedabad, book a consultation at Amish Hospital and let us resolve your worries.


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