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Hair Transplant involves the removal of hair follicles from any site of the body and planting them on the balding area. Amish Hospital offers the best hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are a resident of Ahmedabad, you might want to consider opting for hair fall treatment in Ahmedabad rather than relying on hair restoration products. It is usually observed that the transplant is more effective than the products. Some factors to consider while getting a transplant are-

    • In an estimate of 3 to 4 months, around 10-80% of the transplanted hair will likely grow back fully.
    • The transplanted hair will also thin eventually like normal hair.
    • People who have dormant hair follicles, which are the sacs carrying hair but have lost the ability to grow back the hair, may not have effective hair transplants. But studies have proven that plasma treatment can increase the rate of fully grown hair to about 75% or more.

    Usually, hair transplants are offered to restore hair in people who have baldness, hair thinning issues or have lost hair due to an injury. But there is no guarantee that the transplant will work for all. Almost all the hospitals that provide the best hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad will do the transplant with your existing hair, so the effectiveness is less when treating someone with-

    • Thick scalp scars caused by injuries
    • Hair loss due to chemotherapy or similar medicines
    • Thinning and baldness that is widespread

    If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad, you may consider calling Amish Hospital, considered one of the best hospitals in Ahmedabad for hair treatment.

    Most doctors, including the best hair specialist doctors in Ahmedabad, will give you an option of transplant. They aim to regrow hair in the areas having zero or limited growth of hair. But it will not help you with future hair loss. You will need to opt for follow-up transplants in this case.

    Usually, the process begins with surgical removal of follicles from an area with dense hair growth, like the back of the head. Doctors refer to this area as the donor area. Then they are implanted in the form of tiny slits to the affected area of the scalp. Your hair replacement in Ahmedabad can take place in two different types-

    FUSS (Follicular unit strip surgery)

    A strip of skin will be removed from the donor area. The surgeon will proceed and close the wound with stitches. The strip will be examined and split, using a microscope, into tiny follicular units or grafts. Each graft will have one or bundle of few hairs on them. These grafts are then carefully placed into the affected area.

    FUE (Follicular unit extraction)

    Surgeons will remove follicles from the donor area using a tiny punch tool. The process can cause scars, but the advantage is that the transplant is significantly less noticeable and doesn’t require stitches.

    Both the transplant methods are suitable, but in some cases, patients can obtain different results. FUE is a more skilful method and takes more time than FUSS. But the results achieved in FUE can be exceptional if the transplant is done by one of the best hair specialists in Ahmedabad who has plenty of experience.

    Mostly, the doctor prefers to use hair from the back of the head. If you don’t have that thick hair in that area, then hair from the back, chest, or chin can also be effective. A study says that body and beard hair can be an ‘excellent source’ for hair transplants. The procedure can last for hours, depending on how much area the surgeon has to cover. You might be able to go home on the same day itself. If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad, you might want to schedule an appointment at Amish Hospital.

    Indeed, choosing the best hair doctor in Ahmedabad is necessary, but along with that, one should always make sure to check whether they are an ideal candidate to undergo a hair loss treatment. Following are a few parameters-

    • Men and women who are suffering from excess and noticeable baldness in the scalp are both eligible.
    • One can undergo hair loss treatment because of hair thinning and baldness issues, irrespective of gender.
    • People who face hair loss due to chemicals used like shampoo, dye, medicine reaction and diseases.
    • Hair implantation can treat both male and female pattern baldness.
    • Enough hairlines should be present in the donor area to be successfully transplanted to the affected area.

    It will be beneficial to get the appropriate and best hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad if you face immense hair loss. With the conditions mentioned above, you, the patient, may want to consult one of the best hair doctors in Ahmedabad to understand whether the treatment is suitable for you. Also, your hair fall can be stopped and controlled if you seek treatment on time.

    While many healthcare centres considered the best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad to offer the treatment, if you are looking for a hospital that provides the best treatment at a reasonable cost, you might want to consult at Amish Hospital. We are not only recognised for offering the best hair transplant in Ahmedabad, but we are also widely regarded for the cost-effective hair transplant price in Ahmedabad.

    No doubt that hair transplantation is the best option available for treating hair loss and baldness. Naturally, as a resident of the city, you will want the best hair treatment in Ahmedabad for your issue. So when you decide to undergo a hair transplant, you will need a surgeon. A few factors you might want to keep in mind while choosing the best hair specialist doctor in Ahmedabad are-

    • Qualification and experience of the doctor
      With the internet providing a wide range of options and knowledge, it is necessary to find the best hair doctor in Ahmedabad who understands and makes the proper use of this. A qualified doctor will be aware, and their experience will further make the precision of the treatment to the point. Rather than evaluating experience based on age, see how many cases the doctor has treated before.
    • Consultation and staff behaviour
      Your consultation appointment will be the first time that you meet your surgeon. Though the time will be short, a lot of information will be given to you during this meeting. Your choice of the best hair treatment doctor in Ahmedabad will examine your hair, take your medical history and tell you about the plan and method of transplant as well. Make sure you are comfortable and feel open with your doctor. Also, make sure to check how the staff at the hospital is. They are the ones who are going to support you throughout the treatment, and their nature also tells you a lot about the doctor.
    • Check the reviews
      Many other patients who have had the best hair treatment from Ahmedabad are likely to post reviews on the internet. You can go through those or even ask the clinic to help you meet with one of their previous patients.

    Dr Amish not only offers the best hair treatment in Ahmedabad, but you will also benefit from the affordable price that the hospital offers. While the hair transplant price in Ahmedabad is very competitive, our hospital provides the best hair transplant in Ahmedabad at a reasonable cost.

    No matter which hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad you choose, certain factors will influence the hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad. The factors are the only reason why the exact hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad is not easy to tell.

    The treatment price varies from person to person, and you might also want to consider travelling to get the best hair transplant in Ahmedabad. Some of the main factors that influence the hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad are-

    • The density required for a transplant depends on how bald the patient is while opting for a transplant.
    • How many grafts are required? Per graft pricing basis can be used by some hair transplant clinics in Ahmedabad depending on the size of the affected area.
    • The technique used
    • The qualification of the hair treatment doctor in Ahmedabad. If you choose one of the best hair specialists in Ahmedabad, then naturally, the costs will be higher.

    The varying cost is because the doctor has more experience and is a qualified plastic surgeon. The cost varies if the doctor is recognised for offering the best hair transplants in Ahmedabad and even more if recognised throughout the country.

    Safety increases when the surgeon is board-certified, qualified and experienced in the field of plastic surgery. So make sure your hair doctor in Ahmedabad has plenty of experience. Even if they are amongst the best hair doctors in Ahmedabad, every doctor will differ in their skills, and one can never predict the outcome entirely.

    The risks involved are-

    • The risk of infection is common with other surgical procedures.
    • Excess bleeding, wide scars caused by tension (stretch-back)
    • The risk that some of the grafts won’t “take”. It means that sometimes in the procedure, hair present on the graft may fall off before establishing regrowth in the affected areas. So the plug is considered dead, and the process needs to be repeated.
    • In patients who experience plug grafts, small bumps can be felt on the scalp, but they can be covered with the remaining hair.
    • If the transplanted hair lies close to naturally thinning hair, a patchy look is seen as when the hair loss progresses after surgery. The issue might require additional surgery to fix.

    So while choosing a hair treatment in Ahmedabad, make sure to check the skills and the qualification of a doctor considered the best hair specialist doctor in Ahmedabad. While you look for a specialist, you may also consider scheduling an appointment at Amish hospital, widely recognised to offer the best hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

    We understand your dilemma regarding choosing the best hair clinic in Ahmedabad. Many clinics offer the treatment, but if you are looking for the best hair treatment doctor in Ahmedabad, you may want to talk to Dr Amish.

    Started in 1998, new multi-speciality Amish Hospital provides high-quality treatment for laser and cosmetic surgeries. The state of art burns care centre is located right in the middle of the city and merely 1 ½ km from railway and bus stations. Being one of the best hair clinics in Ahmedabad, it is equipped with 18 beds.

    The facilities available at our hospital, along with the provision of the best hair transplants in Ahmedabad, are-

    • Two fully equipped, major operation theatres
    • Semi-special, Special and Deluxe rooms
    • Two spacious waiting lounges
    • Conference room

    At Amish hospital, we aim at providing quality and the best hair transplant in Ahmedabad at an affordable price. We combine technology, technique and team approach to help you get the best hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad.

    So if you are looking for a top hair doctor in Ahmedabad who can provide you with exceptional services like the FUE hair transplant in Ahmedabad, you may want to give Amish Hospital a chance.


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