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Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. Amish Hospital offers the best laser hair removal in Gandhinagar.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can get a reduction or removal of unwanted body and facial hair by undergoing laser hair removal that is convenient and non-invasive. Laser treatment can help you get smoother and silkier skin than waxing, plucking or electrolysis. It is a gentle technique that can effectively treat large areas with minimum discomfort and pain. Laser hair treatment is one of India's most commonly done aesthetic treatments, and it involves light-emitting lasers. The light is absorbed by hair pigments (melanin) and gets converted into heat. The heat damages the tube-shaped sacs under the skin that produce the hair, also known as hair follicles, delaying or inhibiting hair growth.

    It is essential to understand that laser hair removal can delay hair growth but not permanently stop it. Initial hair removal requires a couple of laser hair removal treatments, and in some cases, the patient might also need maintenance treatments. People with dark hair and lighter coloured skin have the most effective treatment due to the contrast.

    Most commonly, laser hair removal is done to remove the unwanted hair from legs, arms, armpits, upper lip, etc. However, except for the eyelids and surrounding area, it is possible to treat hair on any part of the body using lasers. Unfortunately, the areas with tattoos cannot be treated by laser treatment.

    The laser hair removal treatment is based on the principle that only hair pigments should absorb the light and not the skin pigments. Moreover, the resulting heat should damage the hair follicles while leaving the skin intact. Thus, people who have some contrast between hair colour and skin colour tend to have the best outcomes. For example, people having dark hair and fair skin get the most effective outcomes. Therefore, it indicates that hair colour, skin colour and skin type influences the results.

    Having little contrast can cause damage to the skin, but with the advancing technologies in medical fields, it is possible to treat people with darker skins using lasers. However, there are hair colours that absorb less light, and hence the treatment proves to be less effective. The colours include grey, blonde, red and white. There are various studies ongoing for the treatment of lighter coloured hair.

    The skills of the doctor performing the laser hair removal also define the extent of success; hence make sure you choose a doctor who performs the best laser hair removal in Gandhinagar.

    Firstly the area of treatment is cleaned. Then, a numbing gel is applied for people who have a small area of treatment or sensitive skin. It takes the gel about 30-60 minutes to numb the area and reduces the discomfort caused by lasers.

    The treatment usually takes place in specially designated rooms for using lasers. The treatment doctors and staff are required to wear protective eyewear. Skin is held taut while treated with lasers. Patients have described the laser treatment to be felt like someone snapping a rubber band against the skin or tiny warm pinpricks. The laser vaporises hair to remove them and causes sulphur smell-like smoke.

    The time of treatment depends on which area is being treated. Places like the upper lip, which are small, take a few minutes, while large areas like the back or legs take more than an hour to complete.

    It is said that hair removal is permanent once the hair follicle is destroyed. In reality, though, you can expect a few hairs in the treated area to regrow. With time and more treatment, it is possible to reduce the amount of hair that regrows. In certain instances, it is possible to get rid of all the hair after some time. The reason is that hair regrowth depends on various factors, including the skills of the professional performing the process and hair type.

    However, people tend to see that the hair that grows post-treatment is lighter and less visible than before. The reason being that even though the laser failed to destroy the hair follicle, it has damaged it. It is challenging to destroy every hair follicle, so regrowth is expected when the hair follicle is damaged but not destroyed.

    It is possible to treat regrown hair. However, when the hair is too light, short or resistant, the treatment might fail. Hence, people who want to get rid of hair permanently might need several treatments. In this case, people can try other methods of hair removal like plucking or stray hair.

    Want to get one of the best laser hair removals in Gandhinagar? Consider visiting Dr Umesh Shah at the Amish Hospital. He has extensive experience in treating various cosmetic surgery patients and hair removal treatment patients. You can book an appointment or try a walk-in consultation at the hospital.


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