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A cosmetic procedure is when a person has an operation or invasive medical procedure to alter their physical appearance. Amish Hospital offers the best cosmetic surgery in Bharuch.

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    Dr. Umesh Shah

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    Dr. Umesh Shah has more than 30 years of experience and is well known for the quality of his surgical results. He has performed more than 500 various reconstructive surgeries.

    • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
    • Sex Reassignment Surgery (Sex Change Surgery)
    • Critical Burns Treatment And Post Burns Deformities


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The key differences between plastic and cosmetic surgery are:

    1. Definition

    Plastic surgery helps in reconstructing your natural features. In addition, it corrects your body's dysfunctionality that is caused due to birth disorders, injuries, burns, and diseases.

    Cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure to hone your natural appearance. The surgeon works on enhancing your natural features through different surgical and medical procedures. It can be performed on your face, neck, chest, abdomen, and other body parts.

    2. Procedure type

    Plastic surgery can be carried out as an elective or emergency surgery. By emergency, we mean a threat to a person's life or other organs. For example, plastic surgery can be carried out to cure nasal injuries, deep scalp wounds etc.

    Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure as it is done to enhance a person's natural features. It depends on your will and preferences.

    3. The need for the surgery

    Plastic surgery is done to reconstruct the face or other body parts. It treats dysfunctional body parts. The procedure can be carried out on:

    • Hand
    • Burn injuries
    • Cleft lip or palate repair
    • Mastectomy scar repair
    • Breast reduction
    • Trauma surgery
    • Scar revision surgery
    • Reconstruction of legs, thighs, feet or toes

    Cosmetic surgery is done to make you aesthetically appealing. It does not deal with non-functional body parts. The examples of cosmetic surgery include:

    • Facelift
    • Breast augmentation or reduction
    • Liposuction
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Hair transplant
    • Neck lift
    • Brow lift
    • Tummy tuck
    • Chin or cheek enhancement
    • Lip augmentation

    The difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery lies in their application. Another significant difference is the cost of the treatments. The cost of both treatments varies and depends on various factors. Both of them solve different purposes. Plastic surgery is reconstructive surgery, whereas cosmetic surgery is aesthetic surgery.

    It is essential to consider a surgeon's expertise before undergoing the treatment. You can choose a well-known surgeon like Dr Umesh Shah for your treatment. Dr Shah is known for his quality treatment. With 30 years of experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery, Dr Shah has earned a name in the medical profession.

    There are various types of plastic and cosmetic surgery that you can choose to undergo. However, the major surgeries are discussed below:

    • Liposuction
      Liposuction improves your overall structure by eliminating excess fat deposits from your body. It is also known as body contour. It provides you with a toned body and gives you a slimming effect. The procedure can be performed on any body part but is majorly done on thighs, arms, abdomen, waist, hips, chin, neck, and calves. It is effective in cases where you can't lose body fat naturally. It is used in sync with other cosmetic surgeries like facelifts and tummy tucks to give the best results. You may choose to undergo liposuction in Bharuch under the guidance of an experienced plastic surgeon.
    • Gynecomastia
      It is a condition where the male breasts get enlarged. Gynecomastia helps in correcting the enlarged breasts in men. It can occur in babies and men. Gynecomastia is also known as man boobs. The condition occurs due to swelling of the breast's glandular tissues. The primary cause of gynecomastia is hormonal imbalance. Therefore, surgery is the best way to reduce man boobs. If you must undergo gynecomastia in Bharuch, you may contact Dr Umesh Shah.
    • Rhinoplasty
      It is the most viable option for you if you are unsatisfied with your noses' natural shape and size. It also helps in improving nasal function. You can undergo a nose job to improve your breathing. Anyone who has survived a traumatic injury and cannot breathe properly because of the damage can choose to undergo rhinoplasty. It is crucial to examine your skin texture and face architecture before undergoing rhinoplasty. For more details on rhinoplasty in Bharuch, you may contact a plastic surgeon.

    If you are unsatisfied with your natural appearance and want to make changes, you can consult a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. However, try to connect with a specialist who has experience in carrying out successful operations. Proper research before finalising your plastic or cosmetic surgeon is advised. You can find more about the concerned surgeon through Google.

    There are various benefits of cosmetic and plastic surgery. When you decide to undergo either of them, it helps you by:

    • Boosting your self-confidence
      It has been observed that our moods are affected by our appearance. If you are dissatisfied with your looks, you may feel low and self-conscious. When you undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery, you gain your lost confidence. It may make you feel positive and radiant. You feel good about yourself, and this feeling uplifts your mood.
    • Making you feel good
      When you are not in your desired shape, you lose your self-esteem. You can get conscious about your appearance. Plastic and cosmetic surgery helps you overcome your insecurities and make you feel good about yourself. After undergoing surgery, you can get your desired look. The feeling of being in great shape boosts your confidence.
    • Improving your physical health
      Some cosmetic surgery like rhinoplasty helps in improving your physical health. The nose reshaping surgery can improve breathing. Improved breathing helps supply the required oxygen in your body, which in turn improves your physical health. Breast reduction surgery can help in getting rid of neck and back pain. You can eliminate physical discomfort by undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgery.
    • Putting off extra weight
      Liposuction surgery is a suitable way to shed those extra kilos. The positive result of the surgery motivates you to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. As a result, you can keep your weight in check and feel good about your new look. Your improved body image makes you joyful and confident.

    Cosmetic and plastic surgery keeps you away from your physical insecurities. It helps you regain your self-esteem. You can choose to undergo cosmetic surgery in Bharuch, or you can find a suitable option such as Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital.


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