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A beard transplant involves taking hair from one part of the body and transplanted to your jawline. Amish Hospital offers the best beard transplant in Vadodara.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Many men have no or fewer strands of beards and to help them enhance their overall look, science has developed the advanced technique of beard implants. As the name suggests, hair is taken from a part of the body and is then implanted in the jawline, where the beard usually grows.

    There are two approaches by which a cosmetic surgeon can do a beard transplant. Read what those two approaches are:

    • Follicular Unit Transplantation: In this process, a small strip of tissue is cut from the back of your head, and the hair follicle is removed from the tissue. The removed hair follicles are then implanted on your jawline. The process of FUT is observed to be slightly painful, and topical anaesthesia is used.
    • Follicular Unit Extraction: In FUE, the pain is a little less, and hence it is preferred more by the people who want a fuller beard look. The follicular units are harvested from the donor area, mainly from the backside of the head, to prepare grafts for the process.

    You can opt for any one of the procedures after consulting a professional implant surgeon. You have all the rights to decide how you want to look. If wanting a fuller beard makes you feel confident and happy about yourself, then you should move forward in that direction.

    No doubt, a beard transplant is an expensive procedure, and you will have to decide if your finances allow you to go for it. It is more of an investment you make on yourself to enhance your physical appearance.

    The cost of a beard transplant depends on many factors. It is not easy to give an exact amount. The clinic you choose, the doctor, and the procedure strategy are some of the reasons that influence the cost of the transplant.

    The budget of a beard transplant also fluctuates based on the sessions you require and the follicles to be grafted to get the desired result. On average, it requires 2000-5000 hair follicle grafts to make the appearance of your beard noticeable.

    A beard transplant is an investment, and if you are convinced to get it done, look for an experienced and well reputed surgeon for a desirable result. A full beard enhances the way you look and makes you feel good. But before investing your money, you should understand the process and hold a consultation with the beard implants surgeon. It is always better to understand the process first before taking any action.

    Anyone with a healthy scalp can undergo this treatment. As the hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, it is vital to have good hair growth in that part of your head. The surgeon will give you his opinion about your suitability for the treatment after analyzing your scalp.

    A proper scalp examination by your surgeon will give an idea of the hair growth on the back of your head. If the hair at the back of your head is not thinning, you can undergo this procedure. You should fix an appointment with an experienced cosmetic surgeon and clear all your doubts.

    Although the process sounds cumbersome and time-consuming, it can be completed within a few hours. The surgeon uses oral sedation to numb the area around your head. At times they also use local anaesthesia before making the tiny incisions in the beard area or law line to implant the grafts.

    The incisions help the surgeons to determine the density and direction of the hair growth. It takes a total of eight hours to complete the whole process. You can then consult with your surgeon and understand the course of actions to be taken by you.

    The hair has a gestation period of 3-4 months. The gestation period refers to the period after the beard transplant process wherein the hair patch is moved from the back of the head to your jawline. The period of gestation occurs due to the mild shock that your body experiences from relocating the hair patch.

    After your surgery, you can expect hair fallout which is normal. It will continue for 2-3 weeks. But you don’t have to worry about the fallout. The hair grows back permanently after the gestation period.

    Amish hospital is a multi-speciality hospital. Established in 1998, this hospital has gained popularity among the people of Vadodara. The hospital aims to combine technology, techniques, and their team to create wonders in a patient’s life.

    Dr Umesh Shah and Dr Amita Shah are famous names in cosmetic and laser surgery in Vadodara. The hospital uses high-quality equipment for laser and cosmetic surgery. The proximity to transportation hubs is an added advantage in locating the hospital.

    You can trust the techniques, technology, and years of expertise of the staff members and they sure make a positive difference in your life.


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