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Hair Transplant is a surgical process that involves the removal of hair follicles from any site in the body and planting them on the balding area. Amish Hospital offers the best hair transplant in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! It does! The hair transplant procedure is more beneficial than using different hair products. There are several benefits it offers, with the first and foremost being it is long-lasting. It is highly recommended that before going to your hair transplant treatment, you should consider the following facts about hair transplant treatment:

    • The hair which is transplanted will grow back in three to four months. The incidence of hair growing back is 10 percent to 80 percent guaranteed.
    • The transplanted hair will grow thin over the period. That's the initial period. Later, the growth will depend on how healthy the follicles are.
    • Dormant hair follicles are known as sacs which contain hair underneath the skin surface, but cannot grow. People who have dormant hair follicles have less successful hair transplant procedures.

    The hair transplant procedure is generally preferred by patients with thin hair, balding, or lost hair due to damage and injury. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for everybody.

    Hair transplants are not advised to the patients who are in one of the below-mentioned categories.

    You have-

    • Thick scalp scars from injuries
    • Hair loss due to chemotherapy
    • Loss of hair follicles due to heavy medications
    • Widespread thinning of hair
    • Baldness

    It is highly recommended that before undergoing hair transplant treatment, you should consult with your doctor. You should ask your doctor about the risks involved and the expected outcome of the treatment.

    During the hair transplant procedure, your surgeon will remove hair follicles from the area where the hair growth is dense. The area which has a dense growth of hair is considered to be the donor area. It can be the back of your head or the sides.
    Transplantation involves the removal of hairs follicles from the dense area into the affected regions of the scalp. Affected area which needs a transplant is called the recipient area which can be a result of baldness, thinning of hair follicles, and damage due to injury or disease.

    The two major types of hair transplant are:

    • Follicular unit extraction [FUE]
      The surgeon will use a small tool to remove hairs from the predetermined donor area. The procedure involves scarring at the site of extraction but will be less noticeable. In this method, the patients will not require any kind of stitches.
    • Follicular unit strip surgery [FUSS]
      Doctors will remove a small strip of skin from the donor area and close the incision with stitches. Then the surgeons will use a microscope to separate the donor area skin into tiny follicles units. These follicular units contain more than two hairs, and your doctor will insert the follicles into the balding or recipient area.

    Both the techniques which are employed are very effective. Every procedure is time-consuming but offers results. Administration of local anaesthetic is involved in both processes. Generally, patients can go home on the same day of surgery. Patients are advised to follow the guidelines provided by the doctor and attend all the follow-up sessions to recover fast.

    The procedure is safe and anybody can undergo hair transplant treatment. Specifically, if you belong to one of the below-mentioned categories, you are considered an ideal candidate for the procedure.

    The different categories are mentioned below:

    • Both men and women can undergo hair transplant surgery.
    • Patients who are suffering from excessive hair fall or baldness are ideal candidates for hair transplant treatment.
    • People experiencing hair thinning and baldness make them eligible for the transplant.
    • You are suitable if hair loss is caused by a disease, reaction to any chemical or product, medication, shampoo, and dye.
    • Problems such as female pattern and male pattern baldness can be treated by hair transplant.
    • The donor area should have healthy hair that can be extracted and implanted in the recipient area successfully. High growth in the donor area makes the surgical process easy for the surgeon.

    If you are suffering from excessive hair loss that is leading to bald spots or balding, it becomes essential that you consult with a specialist. Bald spots, thinning of hair, uncontrollable hair fall, excessive hair damage are some of the reasons why you must seek a hair specialist. Whether or not you need a hair transplant will be decided by your specialist, who will determine by considering the health of your hair and the extent of damage caused.

    Hair transplant treatment is recommended for patients suffering from thinning of hair that leads to baldness. But before choosing the surgeon, you should consider some factors. Tips for selecting a surgeon for your treatment is given below:

    • Qualification of the surgeon
      The hair transplant procedure is complicated. If done wrongly, it could ruin the aesthetics of the patient and lead to more scarring. Before the start of the prescribed treatment, patients should consider the most critical factor: the qualification of their surgeon. If your surgeon is highly qualified and trained in the method, then the chances of success become automatically high. You should always consider your doctor's qualifications.
    • Experience of surgeon
      Experienced doctors can treat your problems efficiently as they have sufficient practise to perform the procedure efficiently. You should consult an experienced surgeon before starting the treatment to get the best results.
    • Consultation appointment
      Consultation is considered one of the most critical aspects of the treatment procedure. If you have chosen the right surgeon, you will get valuable information from your appointment. Your surgeon will give you information regarding the technique which will be used and why. You should make sure you provide your doctor with any medical condition you are suffering from to reduce the risks associated with the procedure. In addition, the consultation appointment with your surgeon can give you a chance to bond with your surgeon.
    • Checking the reviews
      Before choosing your doctor, make sure to read all the reviews about them. Patient reviews contain information about the procedures performed by your doctor. Additionally, patient reviews give a clear cut idea about your doctor and their past performance.
    • Staff behaviour
      Friendly staff behaviour and support throughout the treatment procedure can help the patient to recover fast. The nature of the staff will give an idea about the doctor as well. Additionally, your treatment procedure will be successful if the team and the doctor are experts in fulfilling their responsibilities.

    It would be ideal if you looked into every aspect that makes a doctor the best option to offer the treatment as a patient. Do not vaguely consider the first doctor you come across.

    The hair transplant treatment cost can vary from city to city and from one hospital to another. The cost of treatment depends on various factors. Some of the elements are mentioned below:

    • The total number of grafts required:
      Depending upon the condition you are suffering from, your surgeon will determine where the transplant will be needed. The grafts from the donor area are collected and implanted into the recipient area or the area where the hair is thinning or balding. The cost depends on the total number of grafts.
    • The technique
      Different kinds of techniques are employed for the hair transplantation procedure. The standard treatment technique is FUT. At the same time, advanced techniques can be performed, which are costly. The method used will determine the cost.
    • The qualification of the physician
      Highly qualified surgeons perform the surgery with the best technique, and their success rates are also high. If your surgeon has the experience, your surgery can be successful and less painful. In addition, if your surgeon has also trained in new techniques, then the chances are high you will get a more natural look, and the cost will depend on the demand for the surgeon.

    Cost is always a constraint when it comes to elective surgeries. Many surgeons can offer hair transplant treatment at the least cost. But would you be willing to risk your health and your looks to save some money? It is advised that you seek treatment under an experienced surgeon.

    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and is considered safe. The success of your surgery will depend on your surgeon. Make sure to find a surgeon who is experienced, certified by the board, and highly skilled. The aftereffects of the surgery can vary from one person to another. The risks depend upon the physical reactions of the body and the healing abilities of an individual. So, you can never predict the outcome.

    After the surgery, you may face infections, excessive bleeding, and scars on the treated area. In some cases, the grafts may be rejected by the body, which is common. Sometimes hair in the plugs can easily fall out. In such cases, the surgeon has to repeat the treatment procedure. When the patients suffer from hair loss even after the surgical procedure, it can result in a patchy look. In case of the patchy look appearance, additional surgery is required.

    Amish Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital that started in 1998 with an aim to provide high-quality healthcare to all patients. Since then, we have come a long way in providing quality service under various disciplines, with laser and cosmetic surgery being one of the most integral parts of the aesthetic promise made by us.

    Our 18-bed state of the art Burn Care Center is located at the centre of the city and just a kilometre and a half away from the nearest railway and bus station. The Burn Care Center has two operation theatres that are well equipped with all the essential infrastructure and equipment needed. We also offer different rooms to cater to people from different walks of life, such as the Deluxe room, special room, and semi-special room. We also have a conference room and a spacious waiting lounge.

    Amish Hospital believes in being up to date with the latest technology. Hence, we combine the latest scientific development with teamwork, technique and technology to provide quality service at an affordable price. We offer various cosmetic surgeries and skincare to enhance our patients' physical appearance and emotional support. If you are looking forward to undergoing a hair transplant in Vadodara, you may schedule an appointment at Amish Hospital.


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