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Liposuction, or simply lipo, is a type of fat-removal procedure used in plastic surgery. Amish Hospital offers the best liposuction in Ahmedabad.

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    Dr. Umesh Shah has more than 30 years of experience and is well known for the quality of his surgical results. He has performed more than 500 various reconstructive surgeries.

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    • Sex Reassignment Surgery (Sex Change Surgery)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The surgical removal of excessive fat deposits within certain layers of the skin is known as liposuction. For this procedure, a straw-like instrument is used, which is known as a cannula and is attached to the liposuction machine. The cannula is inserted into the fat layers, which are excessive or unwanted, and fat deposits are removed from that particular area. The main reason for performing liposuction surgeries is to correct the fatty regions from where the fat deposits are bulging to make it look more attractive.

    Liposuction is generally considered safe. But you should have prior knowledge about the fact that risks factors are involved in performing any kind of surgery. To reduce the risk factors, doctors who perform the surgery usually use local anaesthetic, which is considered 100 percent safe. The doctor must create a safe environment for the patient and an environment where both communicate comfortably, such as at Amish Hospital, one of the best hospitals for liposuction in Ahmedabad.

    Liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad at Amish Hospital is very affordable and safe. While the liposuction surgery cost in Ahmedabad varies from one hospital to another, our hospital's fee is reasonable compared to others.

    You are an ideal candidate for liposuction surgery if you fulfil the following:

    • You have a healthy weight or are on the verge of achieving your ideal weight.
    • People who do not smoke are generally a perfect candidate for liposuction surgery.
    • For patients who have stubborn fat around the skin or if their fat is situated between the muscles and skin, then this surgery is recommended for you.

    To know whether you are an ideal candidate for liposuction in Ahmedabad, talk to our experienced and skilled surgeons at Amish Hospital.

    If you have visceral fat, which involves deposition of the fat layer around the abdominal organs, you should take a second opinion for the surgery. Additionally, your doctor or the surgeon will evaluate the type of your skin and complications related to it before performing the surgery. If your skin has good elasticity and does not contain any cellulite or loose skin layers, you are an ideal candidate for the surgery. The skin that contains cellulite or is loose can result in rough or dimpled skin after the surgical process is over. 

    Doctors from Amish Hospital are well recognised for their successful liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad. You may consider consulting with them, especially if you have stubborn fat that refuses to let go.

    Before your surgery is scheduled, your doctor or surgeon, along with the healthcare team, will take you through a counselling session. In the counselling sessions, you will be given a fair idea about the exact procedure involved in the liposuction surgery. It is also advised that you take a family member, friend or someone you trust during the treatment with you for support. Attendants are generally required with the patients to get all the required notes related to the treatment and help the patient during their treatment.

    Additionally, the patients should also find an attendant or a nurse who can assist them during their post-surgical period. Care and proper assistance are required after the surgery, so the patients should be ready for that. The doctors and the nurses will try to help their patients post-surgical period as well, and hence, visiting the hospital and keeping the post-surgical appointment is highly recommended.

    Medications such as aspirin, blood-thinning substances need to be paused before the surgery. Certain medications are avoided before the surgery due to the various side effects they can cause. On the day of surgery, patients are advised to avoid using and consuming solid or liquid food. Solid and liquid foods consumption is avoided at least 12 hours before the surgery.

    During the surgery, anaesthesia is administered. Hence, it is vital to inform your surgeon of any health condition that can cause severe side effects associated with the surgery and anaesthesia. While several doctors offer liposuction in Ahmedabad, you must consider visiting Amish Hospital if you want to undergo a safe and effective liposuction procedure.

    When a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, there are several risks associated with it. It is vital that as a patient, you remain calm and composed after the surgical procedure to reduce risks and complications. As you will be under the doctor's observation immediately after the surgery, you can be assured that you will not suffer any severe complications.

    The pain and discomfort you may feel will depend on the anaesthesia used. Like any other surgery, pain and discomfort is a part of the liposuction procedure. You may feel intense soreness two to four days after the surgery, which will reduce gradually.

    Additionally, your surgeon will provide you with guidelines to include the list of activities you can perform efficiently after the surgery. It also contains details about how you can take care of yourself and maintain proper hygiene after the surgery. Patients should follow the guidelines provided by the doctor accurately to get back to their routine as fast as possible. As the liposuction cost in Ahmedabad is affordable, you can schedule an appointment at Amish Hospital to attain the desired results with liposuction surgery.

    Various factors affect the liposuction cost in Ahmedabad, starting from the type of equipment used to the labour and the availability of medical staff. The other factors include :

    • Amount of fat to be removed from the patient's body
    • Fees of the anesthesiologist
    • Fees of the doctor who is performing the surgery
    • Operating room fees
    • Number of areas to be treated
    • Degree of difficulty involved in the surgery

    Liposuction surgery cost in Ahmedabad is affordable, and the Amish Hospital provides a safe environment for the patients.

    Several risk factors are associated with surgeries. In liposuction surgery, many risk factors are involved, such as irritation or itching around the skin where the cannula is inserted. Riling of the skin and damage to the deeper situated organs such as the blood vessels, liver, heart and other areas from where the surgeon has removed the fat. Cardiac problems, thrombosis and skin issues are expected after the surgery.

    Other conditions such as poor wound healing and excessive fluid accumulation can also arise. It is highly recommended that as an Ahmedabad resident, if you are planning to undergo liposuction in Ahmedabad, then you seek medical help from a trained and experienced surgeon such as at Amish Hospital.

    Amish hospital guarantees world-class treatments for all its patients. We, here at the hospital, provide the best facilities to all patients. Doctors and the healthcare professionals at the Amish Hospital provide the best treatment by offering both surgical and non-surgical methods.

    We are widely recognised for the surgeries we perform. The skilled and experienced surgeons at our hospital offer the most successful liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad. You will see visible changes in your body structure after the surgery. Besides, while the liposuction surgery cost in Ahmedabad is competitive and depends widely on various factors, the cost at our hospital is easily affordable. If you are worried about the liposuction cost in Ahmedabad, call us and let us help you. Our price will surely fit your budget.


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