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Hair Transplant is a surgical process that involves the removal of hair follicles from any site in the body and planting them on the balding area. Amish Hospital offers the best hair transplant in Bharuch.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To know if the hair transplant will work or not depends on several different factors. But it is undoubtedly more effective than any over-the-counter medications you might be recommended. Here are a few facts about the hair transplant treatment:

    • Over time, the transplanted hair would thin out just like your regular hair.
    • If you have dormant hair follicles (those beneath the skin but are unable to grow any hair), then the transplant might have lower efficacy. But the specialist might suggest a plasma therapy afterwards, which can grow up to 75 percent of the transplanted hair.
    • It takes somewhere between three to four months for total growth of 10 to 80 percent hair.
    • The hair transplant treatment is not meant for everyone. It is suitable for people who have lost hair due to some injury, age or certain other natural processes. It is not recommended to people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other drugs, widespread hair loss or hair loss due to prior injuries.

    If you are searching for a hair specialist doctor in Bharuch to inquire about a hair transplant treatment, you might want to consider Amish Hospital.

    In the hair transplantation technique, the doctor extracts the hair follicles from the donor area where hair is abundant (usually the back of the head) and implants them into the receiver area with hair thinning or balding.

    Following are the two primary kinds of hair transplants:

    • FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction: In this transplantation technique, the surgeon extracts the hair follicles individually using a small punch tool and implants the hair in the receiver area. The extraction is less noticeable at the donor area with no requirements for stitches. Extracting the hair follicles one at a time from different places from the donor area also gives the surgeon the liberty to take them without causing a prominent bald spot or an apparent bald strip.
    • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS): In this hair transplantation technique, the surgeon extracts a thin strip of skin with hair, from the donor area. Although the strip is very thin, it might still be noticeable, so it is closed back with the help of stitches. The hair is then taken out from the extracted skin and implanted onto the receiver area.

    Both of these techniques are effective methods of hair transplantation with their pros. However, FUE requires more precise skills. FUSS takes less time than the FUE, but FUE is more effective if done correctly by a specialist.

    The areas most often used by the doctors as donor areas are the sides and back of the head, but the chest, chin and back can also prove effective. Although it may be time-consuming, the beard and body hair can be excellent donors.

    Depending upon the extent of hair loss and the surgeon's expertise, one sitting of the transplantation process may take hours to complete, and there might be multiple sittings for the best treatment and results.

    As with any other surgery or treatment procedure, the cost of a hair transplant depends upon several different factors. That's why it is complicated to figure out an exact cost figure. But a few factors that might dictate the cost of a hair transplant treatment include the extent of transplantation required, surgeon fees determined by their expertise, treatment facility charges, surgery garments, etc.

    Although your medical insurance policy might not cover this procedure due to it being a cosmetic treatment, you may connect with your insurance provider to be sure. But cost should not be the only thing on your mind when deciding the best option for your hair transplant treatment. There are other things like the surgeon's experience, facilities, equipment and staff of the hospital or clinic, should also be on your mind.

    You may visit Amish Hospital for the most affordable prices. While the hair transplant costs in Bharuch, at our hospital, we offer cost-friendly treatment.

    Contrary to popular belief that only men can undergo hair transplants, women can also undergo the procedure when experiencing aggressive hair loss. It can treat the male and female pattern baldness (like widened parting and general thinning on the top of the head among the female and receding hairline among the males).

    You might also be suitable for this treatment if you have hair fall due to certain shampoos, conditioners or other hair products containing chemicals. Again, it would be suitable to have an appropriate amount of hair on your donor area to be implanted onto the receiver area.

    It is essential to consult with a hair specialist in Bharuch to know if you are suitable for a hair transplantation procedure. So come over to Amish Hospital and meet with our experts.

    There are various things you need to consider while choosing the best surgeon for your hair transplantation procedure. One of the primary things everyone thinks of while having a procedure is the cost of the treatment. But that's not the only thing you should look for. Following are a few factors you might want to ponder upon:

    • Surgeon Credentials: With the latest advancement called the internet, it is effortless to find a surgeon who performs hair transplantation, but the crucial step is to check the credentials like their alma mater, post-graduation and internship. It tells you what kind of education they've had and how competent they might be.
    • Experience: When it comes to the field of medical science, experience goes a long way. It teaches the doctor how to make crucial decisions in adverse complications. Rather than the education credentials, the experience provides a doctor with the expertise in a particular treatment. For example, a surgeon with 15 years of experience in hair transplantation will know more about the transplantation process than a surgeon with 5 years experience.
    • Consultation: The initial consultation will be your first interaction with the surgeon, so it should go well. You should be able to express what your expectations are. They should also ask you of any prior illnesses, medications or surgeries, etc., to perform a thorough examination.

    Visit Amish Hospital if you are looking to get a hair transplant in Bharuch, and we'll help you with all the information regarding the treatment.


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