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A breast lift also called mastopexy is still a surgical procedure done with a plastic surgeon to change the shape of your breasts. Amish Hospital offers the best breast lift surgery in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Mastopexy or breast lift is a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of a woman's breast. In this procedure, excess skin is removed, hence tightening the surrounding tissue of your breast, recreating a youthful shape and raising your breast. Decreased breast volume, stretched areolas, drooping nipples, sagging, and uneven breasts are addressed by a breast lift. You can contour your body and enhance your appearance with an uplifted breast.

    A breast lift surgery might also reduce an expanded areola. The shape of a woman's breast changes with time. These changes and loss of skin elasticity might result from:

    • Pregnancy
    • Breastfeeding
    • Ageing
    • Weight fluctuations
    • Gravity
    • Heredity

    The limitations of breast lift surgery include:

    • Breast lift surgery doesn't tend to change the size of your breast.
    • The procedure can't shape your upper breast.

    Breast augmentation procedure or breast reduction surgery might be suggested along with breast lift surgery, depending on the volume of your breast. Thousands of women undergo successful breast surgery in Amish Hospital every year without any significant complications and are happy with the results. You might also consider Amish Hospital an option for your surgery because the treatment cost offered by us is pretty reasonable compared to the general breast lift up surgery cost in Vadodara.

    The cost of a breast lift surgery might vary widely depending on the experience of your surgeon and the procedure of surgery used.

    Breast lift cost may include:

    • Medical tests.
    • Anaesthesia fees.
    • Cost of hospital and other surgical facilities.
    • Post-surgery garments.
    • Prescriptions of medication.
    • Surgeon's fee.

    You must also prioritize the surgeon's experience and your comfort with them, along with the final cost of the surgery, while selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon in your locality for breast lift surgery. People residing in Vadodara might contact Amish Hospital if you are looking for an experienced team of surgeons along with the best breast lift surgery price in Vadodara.

    The following points ensure that you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery:

    • Physically fit and maintains the ideal weight.
    • Do not smoke.
    • The feeling that your breasts sag and have lost their shape and volume bothers you.
    • Flatted, elongated or pendulous breasts.
    • Without support, your nipples fall below the breast crease.
    • Your nipples and areolas are pointing downwards.
    • Stretched skin and enlarged areolas.
    • Breasts asymmetry.

    You must opt for breast surgery for yourself and not to fulfil others' desires or fit in an ideal image. The surgery might be pretty expensive, so you must look for the most affordable options. People residing in Vadodara might contact Amish Hospital, providing the ideal breast lift surgery price in Vadodara.

    A variety of incision patterns and techniques are used to carry out the breast lift procedure. The appropriate approach is determined based on your :

    • Breast size and shape 
    • Shape and size of your areolas
    • Degree of breast sagging
    • Skin quality and elasticity
    • Amount of extra skin

    The procedure of breast lift surgery :

    Step 1: Anaesthesia

    During the surgical procedure, you will be administered general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation for your comfort.

    Step 2: Reshaping your breasts

    Your doctor will make certain incisions to lift and reshape the underlying breast tissue to improve your breast contour and firmness. Your nipples and areolas are given a better height. If your skin has lost its elasticity, your breast size will be reduced to compensate for it.

    Step 3: Closing the incisions

    After removing the excess skin and reshaping your breasts, the remaining skin is tightened with the closing of incisions. Some of your incision lines might be concealed in the breast contour, whereas others might still be visible on the breast surface. These visible incision lines will also improve and fade away with time.

    Step 4: See the results

    You might be able to observe significant results immediately after the surgery.

    To get more information on the techniques and procedure of breast lift surgery, you might get in touch with Dr Umesh Shah, a renowned surgeon for breast lift surgery in Vadodara.

    You have to decide whether or not to undergo surgery, but you must first consider the various risks. You must opt for the procedure only if the risks and complications are acceptable and the treatment will achieve your goals. To ensure that you understand the treatment and the risks associated with it completely, you will be asked to sign a consent form.

    The risks associated with breast lift include:

    • Infection
    • Bleeding
    • Anaesthesia risks
    • Poor healing of the incisions
    • Alteration in nipple or breast sensation
    • Irregularities in breast contour and shape
    • Breast asymmetry
    • Death of the fatty tissue found deep inside the skin
    • Fluid accumulation
    • Partial or complete loss of nipple or areola
    • Cardiac and pulmonary complications
    • Deep vein thrombosis
    • Possibility of revisional surgery

    It would be best to get a clear idea of all the risks before signing the consent by discussing them with your plastic surgeon. The risks make it vital to opt for a good doctor for undergoing your breast lift. To undergo breast lift surgery in Vadodara, you may consult with Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital, who also offers the most pocket-friendly breast lift up surgery cost in Vadodara.


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