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Thighplasty is a procedure to tighten up and improve the general look of your thighs. Amish Hospital offers the best thigh lift In Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Surgery used to reduce the excess skin and fat to "refurbish" the thigh is called thigh lift. A thigh lift is used to smooth out the skin and reshape the thighs and lower body.

    A surgical thigh lift is a perfect option for you if exercising and dieting haven't worked in your efforts to gain a better appearance and look more youthful. If your body has the natural elasticity to mould into better contours, liposuction can remove the excess body fat. You don't necessarily need a thigh lift for that.

    But if your body does not have good elasticity, then a blend of thigh lift and liposuction can be a good option for you. If you seek a better body shape using surgical methods and looking forward to a thigh lift in Vadodara, then Amish Hospital can be just right for you!

    A thigh lift surgery cost in Vadodara can vary from hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor based on various factors, including,

    • Hospital or Surgical facility charges: These are the charges that different hospitals charge based on the facilities they offer and the kind of instruments and machines used by them.
    • Anaesthesia Fees: These are the fees charged by the anaesthetist.
    • Medical Test charges Charges for the different medical tests the doctor might ask you to go through.
    • Surgeon's fee: Surgeons charge their fees based on their experience and expertise in the treatment.
    • Medications: You might be prescribed several different medicines before and after the treatment.
    • Post-surgery garment

    If you would like to know more about the thigh lift cost in Vadodara, visit Amish Hospital or book an online appointment for a consultation with our experts.

    Anyone can undergo a thigh lift, but the perfect candidate is:

    • Non-smokers.
    • People who do not have a prior medical condition (severe diseases like cancer, heart condition, diabetes) can hamper the healing process.
    • Someone who is devoted to spending a healthier life with fitness and a nutritional diet.
    • Someone who has a positive look at life and is not going through the surgery under the influence of someone else's opinion.
    • Someone who doesn't have a weight issue. You should not be having abnormal weight issues.
    • It would help if you did not have excess soft tissue along the inner thigh.

    As specified earlier, anyone can opt to have thigh lift surgery. But it is up to the doctor to ensure that you are the right candidate physically and psychologically.

    If you decide to undergo a thigh lift and the doctor ensures if you are the right candidate, they might recommend specific things to do and not to do, including:

    • You should get the medical tests advised to you by the doctor.
    • Avoid and stop smoking at least a few days before the treatment.
    • Tell the doctor about, and moderate your current medications; take the medicines prescribed for the treatment.
    • To ensure you don't bleed excessively, steer clear of any anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and herbal supplements.

    A doctor could perform the thigh lift even in his clinic with all the required instruments. But be sure to have somebody pick you up and stay by you after the surgery if the treatment is done on an outpatient basis.

    The steps followed during a thigh lift surgery are:

    Step 1: Anaesthesia - An anaesthetic induces an injection on the patient before the procedure to ensure the patient doesn't feel excruciating pain. The anaesthesia can be general or local, depending on the extent of treatment.

    Step 2: Incision: The doctor decides on the size of the incision based on how much correction is needed for the thigh lift. The incision might be placed around the groin and finishing around the back thigh.

    Your surgeon might consider (if it's appropriate) a minimal incision for an intermediate or medial thigh lift, in which there is an incision only in the thigh area.

    There are some latest technologies available now that allow the doctors to place the incisions carefully so that they can be hidden under your clothes.

    Step 3: Closing the incision - Sutures are used to close up the incision made for the treatment.

    Step 4: Observe the results - You can see and feel the better figure around the thigh almost immediately after the surgery. But you might not be able to see the complete success of it until after a few days.

    To understand more about the procedure or to undergo thigh lift, you may visit Amish Hospital.

    After the procedure, there might be bandages and dressing on the incision for a better recovery. To minimize the swelling and support the contours, the doctor might wrap a crepe bandage or a compression band.

    There might be tubes attached to you to drain the excess fluid and blood and stop them from accumulating. You may be asked to follow specific instructions after the procedure.

    It would help if you asked the doctor a few particular questions about the recovery:

    • When are the stitches removed?
    • Which medications are prescribed for the best recovery?
    • Will I have crepe bandages or compression bands, or will they be removed after the surgery?
    • When can I return home after the surgery?
    • When can I resume my daily routine and exercises?
    • What is the follow-up schedule after the surgery?

    Keep an eye out for any breathing difficulties, chest pain or any unusual heart activities and inform the doctor accordingly at the earliest.

    If you are looking for thigh lift surgery in Vadodara, book an appointment for a consultation with Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital.


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