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Plastic surgery is a surgical speciality involving the reconstruction, restoration or alteration of the human body. Amish Hospital offers the best plastic surgery in Ahmedabad.

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    Dr. Umesh Shah has more than 30 years of experience and is well known for the quality of his surgical results. He has performed more than 500 various reconstructive surgeries.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Plastic surgery has become synonymous with the term 'artificial. It is still looked upon as a simple case of vanity and self-importance, while the virtue of plastic surgery is beyond that.
    The word plastic is inspired by the Greek word 'plastikos', which means to give form, shape or mould. Plastic surgery is a boon for those people who suffer from severe depression and confidence because of their appearances. Surgery is a speciality practised by licensed cosmetologists or plastic surgeons who help improve a person's appearance. Plastic surgery is not always about vanity, as the skill is used to reconstruct the tissues or facial parts damaged because of trauma, burns or birth disorders.

    Are you looking for corrective procedures and worried about plastic surgery costs in Ahmedabad? It is a given that many would feel that these surgeries are costly. Still, Amish hospital, one of the best plastic surgery hospitals in Ahmedabad, has empanelled some of the best plastic surgery doctors in Ahmedabad, who provide the best services at affordable prices. If you are looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic in Ahmedabad, you may want to consider Amish Hospital.

    The most common plastic surgery procedures are of invasive or minimally invasive type. Some of the renowned plastic surgery doctors in Ahmedabad empanelled at Amish hospital provide many affordable options for a successful cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad. The below lists give out the names of procedures most commonly sought:

    1. Breast enlargement
    2. Breast reduction or implant removal
    3. Breast lift with or without an implant
    4. Butt lift
    5. Cheek, chin and jaw reshaping
    6. Dermabrasion
    7. Blepharoplasty or Eyelid lift
    8. Forehead lift
    9. Facelift
    10. Hair replacement
    11. Lip augmentation or lip fillers
    12. Liposuction
    13. Lower body lift
    14. Rhinoplasty or nose job
    15. Thigh lift
    16. Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck
    17. Brachioplasty or Upper arm lift
    18. Botox treatments
    19. Cellulite treatment
    20. Chemical peels
    21. Plumping, or collagen or fat injections (facial rejuvenation)
    22. Laser skin resurfacing
    23. Laser treatment of leg veins
    24. Vaginal rejuvenation

    The above-listed procedures can be sought at any plastic surgery hospital in Ahmedabad. But if you seek the best experience without stressing over the plastic surgery cost in Ahmedabad, then you may schedule an appointment at Amish hospital, widely recognised to provide aesthetically pleasing plastic surgery in Ahmedabad.

    For many, both the terms mean the same, but that's not the case. Though both these sciences are intended to develop or improve a person's appearance, they have different approaches. The expertise and qualifications of both these skilled professions are diverse. We are breaking down the significant differences to help you understand their services better.

    By definition:

    Plastic surgery: It is a speciality that deals with reconstructing the body and facial features that might be a congenital disability or due to trauma, burns and diseases. It is also known as reconstructive surgery since it corrects the dysfunctional or unappealing parts of the body.

    Cosmetic surgery: The field of science is aimed at improving and enhancing appearances. The changes might be surgical or medically implemented and can be used on any part of the body. Now, cosmetic surgery is also known as aesthetic surgery as the part of the body that undergoes surgery need not be dysfunctional but need modification to look appealing.

    Are these emergency or elective procedures:
    Plastic surgery: This type of surgery comes under elective and emergency procedures. It is an emergency procedure when the patient's life is at risk or if any organ or part of the body is in imminent danger. Some examples of plastic surgery include facial lacerations, nasal injuries and scalp lacerations.
    Cosmetic surgery: This surgery is always an elective procedure as the treated area comes under dysfunctional and needs to be aesthetically enhanced as per patient's request.

    Remember, if you seek cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad, study the credentials of the plastic surgery doctor in Ahmedabad, check their experiences or speciality, and read the online reviews of the hospital before you undergo the procedure.

    Plastic surgery might help you look flawless, but it isn't risk-free. It is, after all, attained by human interference, and no man-made procedure is riskless. If you think elective courses under cosmetic/plastic surgery are risk-free, please be informed that even a procedure as simple as a dental one can also have some risk attached. Also, inducing anaesthesia and the process of unconsciousness is itself an enormous risk when undergoing procedures.

    Listed below are the risks of plastic/cosmetic surgery:

    1. Poor outcome: It is probably the most significant risk involved in cosmetic or plastic surgery. If the result of the surgery doesn't yield an attractive or improved appearance, then natural appearance may have further worsened.
    2. Scarring: It is the second most highlighted risk in plastic and cosmetic surgery. You can avoid scarring if the patient adheres to the recovery plan, including avoiding smoking, eating healthy meals and taking medicines on time. Scarring is a risk that can be controlled effectively.
    3. Nerve damage: Like in any surgery, nerve damages are a given risk. In facial surgeries, nerve damage means no facial expressions, drooping mouth or even ptosis-drooping eyes.
    4. Infection: Improper wound care can cause infections in any surgery, and plastic surgery is no exception.
    5. Hematoma: Hematoma usually develops after the surgery. It is the collection of blood under the bruised or swollen area of surgery. Most times, the hematoma is a minor incident that causes pain and decreased blood flow, but a large hematoma is riskier, and the collected blood should be emptied via syringe or any other method.
    6. Necrosis: Necrosis means tissue death observed either because of surgery or by issues in the surgical procedure. The good news is that the dead tissue is removed in the process of wound healing.
    7. Bleeding: Surgical process and bleeding go hand in hand. Bleeding is a risk if it doesn't stop after the procedure and continues to disrupt the wound healing process. If bleeding persists post-surgery, then it may be because the patient undertook a strenuous activity.
    8. Death: Maybe less than 1%, but every surgical procedure has death as a risk. There is a possibility that death can occur no matter how minor the surgery might have been.
    9. Seroma: Similar to a hematoma, a collection of lymphatic fluid near the site of surgery is dubbed as seroma. The tummy tuck is the most common invasive cosmetic procedure, and seromas are common in these. The fluid is emptied via syringe or other practices.
    10. Blood clots: Deep vein thrombosis is the most common cause of blood clot that develops in the legs. It is a risk but not life-threatening unless it starts to move and reaches the lungs or the heart. Then it is a medical emergency and needs to be dissolved.
    11. Anesthesia: Anaesthesia-related complications are the most common causes of deaths in surgery. Elective procedures should be taken more seriously as the risk exists no matter how slight.

    If you are looking forward to improving your appearance with reduced risks, you may want to consider visiting us, one of the best plastic surgery hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics in Ahmedabad.

    The answer is relatively straightforward. We offer some of the best solutions related to plastic surgery in Ahmedabad and also cater to affordable plastic surgery costs in Ahmedabad.

    Amish hospital, one of the widely recognised cosmetic surgery clinics in Ahmedabad, started way back in 1998 with the simple aim of catering quality, affordable, and solution-oriented services. Our hospital has a state-of-the-art burn care centre plus a laser and cosmetic surgery unit that offers effective treatments. The hospital is an 18-bedded care unit just 1 ½ km from the bus station and railway.

    Amish hospital is a fully functional healthcare facility with an updated and well-maintained operation theatre, two waiting lounges and a conference room. The hospital has semi-special, unique and deluxe rooms that offer a convenient environment for patient recovery and care.
    Worried about plastic surgery cost in Ahmedabad? Seek consultation with our experienced laser specialists and rest your doubts away.


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