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Chin surgery, also referred to as genioplasty or mentoplasty, reshapes the chin either by enhancing or reducing surgery on the bone. Amish Hospital offers the best chin surgery in Vadodara.

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    Dr. Umesh Shah has more than 30 years of experience and is well known for the quality of his surgical results. He has performed more than 500 various reconstructive surgeries.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A surgical procedure that involves reshaping the chin either by reducing or enhancing the bone with an implant is known as Mentoplasty or chin surgery.

    Surgical procedures can be performed at locations such as the lower jawline of the chin to enhance the proportions of the face.

    Most times, the jaw can be displaced forward in the surgical procedure called genioplasty or Mentoplasty. The health professionals suggest modifications to establish proper occlusion and chewing movements in patients so that their teeth can fit together. The plastic surgery procedures may range from simple to complex depending on the problems faced by the patients.

    The chin correction surgery cost in Vadodara, at Amish hospital is affordable and transparent.

    Sometimes, surgeons may suggest chin surgeries after rhinoplasty to achieve better proportions of the face. Due to recent advancements in technology, surgeons are practising the use of gel fillers. FDA has approved some gel filler and has encouraged its use as an alternative for the augmentation of the chin area.

    The actual costs of the surgeries may vary according to locations. The chin plastic surgery cost in Vadodara is affordable when compared to other metropolitan cities of India.

    When the surgeon performs a surgical procedure, the price of that process depends upon their experience, the type of procedure, equipment, technicality, services at the clinic/hospital and the location.

    You should coordinate with your insurance health service provider before initiating the treatment. Sometimes insurances do not cover chin surgeries and complications related to them. Many plastic surgeons offer various financing plans for patients. Hence gathering accurate information before the procedure is mandatory.

    Dr Umesh Shah is an excellent plastic surgeon providing quality treatment to all his patients at pocket-friendly prices. So if you are searching for wallet-friendly double chin reduction cost in Vadodara, you should contact him.

    The overall cost of the chin surgeries include:

    • Surgeons fee
    • Prescriptions for the medications
    • Post-surgical articles of clothing
    • Medical tests
    • Hospital cost
    • Surgical faculty cost
    • Anaesthesia cost

    It would be best if you chose your surgeon according to their qualifications, training in the field, experience, and patient reviews. Additionally, your comfort level with our doctor is significant.

    Additionally, you can also research chin augmentation surgery costs in Vadodara through the internet.

    Various procedures are performed by surgeons to improve the overall appearance of the face.

    The two significant types of chin surgeries are:

    • Chin reduction
    • Chin augmentation

    Chin augmentation/implants:

    Chin implant surgery or chin augmentation surgery is usually performed to augment or contour the chin. It is achieved by setting an implant directly on the desired bone. The surgeons inside the mouth or below the skin of the chin make incisions. Usually, small incisions are made by the doctors to perform the surgery. After the implant placement, the incision is closed with the sutures. Patients may notice mild swelling after the process.

    Chin reduction surgery:

    Chin reduction surgery is also called chin shaving surgery. It is performed to reduce an over projected chin. General anaesthesia is used in these types of surgeries. A small incision is made inside the mouth or below the skin for completing the process successfully. The excessive part of the bone is removed to achieve the desired shape. After completing the surgery, the incision is closed with the suture.

    Chin surgeries are outpatient procedures. Patients are advised by the doctors to go home on the same day.

    The procedure of the surgery involves the following steps:

    • Initially, the surgeons discuss anaesthesia options that will be provided during the procedure. Healthcare professionals suggest general anaesthesia during the process. Additionally, in some cases, local anaesthesia with sedation medications are used to help the patients.
    • A surgeon will then make an incision either below the chin or in the mouth. A pocket shaped structure is incised into which an implant is carefully placed. The doctor may use screws to attach the implant to the bone.
    • In the procedure of sliding genioplasty, the surgeon will make an incision in the mouth to access the chin bone.
    • Chin shaving is done by the doctor to remove any excessive bones from the mouth area using specialised burrs.

    After completing the procedures, the surgeon will close the incision using tapes, skin adhesives or sutures.

    During the process of recovery, you can expect:

    • Usage of medications for a few days to relieve soreness and discomfort.
    • You may experience stretching sensation, numbness or swelling around the chin area for at least one week.
    • You may return to a normal routine within one week to ten days.
    • You can practice strenuous activities after a few weeks.

    You should follow the guidance of health professionals for the perfect results.


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