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An arm lift is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the under portion of your upper arms. Amish Hospital offers the best arm lift surgery in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An arm lift reshapes your upper arm by removing excess fat and toning it. It is also known as Brachioplasty and is a surgical procedure considered to be a boon to people who have excessive fat under their arm. It helps in reducing the sagged skin that droops downward by tightening the supportive tissue. The arm lift surgery defines the shape of your upper arm.

    Heredity, ageing, and fluctuations in weight can sag the upper arm. Exercises cannot correct it, and hence an arm lift surgery is considered an ideal option. It is suitable if the upper arm's underside appears loose due to excess skin and fat. To undergo an arm lift surgery in Vadodara, you may consider Amish Hospital.

    The arm lift surgery cost in Vadodara depends on the type of procedure you choose to undergo as well as on your surgeon's experience. The price can vary depending on the anaesthesia fees, hospital and medication costs, cost of medical tests, and surgeon's fees. You should consider the accreditation of the surgeon while choosing your surgeon.

    Suppose you are considering choosing a plastic surgeon in Vadodara at an affordable cost. In that case, you can look online for brachioplasty cost in Vadodara or contact Dr Umesh Shah to understand the surgery and the associated costs.

    The suitable candidates for arm lift surgery include:

    • Healthy individuals with no other medical condition. Prior complications or complex medical conditions can increase the risk of surgery.
    • Adults with stable weight and who do not suffer from obesity and are overweight.
    • Adults with laxity in upper arm skin.
    • A healthy person who does not smoke and has realistic and positive expectations from the surgery.

    A healthy person with a positive outlook can undergo arm lift surgery. The surgery removes excess fat that often creates a "batwing" appearance in the upper arm. If you live in Vadodara and want to know the estimated arm lift surgery cost in Vadodara, you can research online or contact Amish Hospital.

    During the consultation, you can discuss the surgical goals, your expectations from the surgery, medical conditions like allergies, and the history of any previous surgery with the surgeon. You can also discuss your current medication and habits like alcohol consumption and smoking with the surgeon.

    Based on your health records and other practices, the surgeon will develop a treatment plan and the available options, outcomes of the surgery. They will also examine your health to look for any related risk factors. Your doctor will explain how the surgery is done and take a few photographs to show the difference post-surgery. Understanding the aspects of the surgery helps you in developing a realistic expectation from the surgery.

    The procedure for arm lift surgery includes the below-mentioned steps.

    • Anaesthesia: Before the surgery, the doctor recommends sedation to ease you during the surgery. The sedation can be given by using intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.
    • Incision: The judgement of the incision length depends upon the excess fat to be removed from the arm. It is placed on the inside or to the back of your arm and depends upon the surgeon's preference. The supportive tissues are shaped with the use of internal sutures.
    • Closing the incision: The incisions are closed using stitches that are removed after one to two weeks.
    • Result: You might feel swelling and bruising in the area of surgery, but the results of the surgery are immediately seen. You can feel and notice a tighter and slender arm after the procedure.

    The procedure gives you a toned arm that you can flaunt. The removal of excess fat through liposuction makes the arm slender and smooth. To get more information on the surgery and check whether you are a suitable candidate, you may schedule an appointment with Dr Umesh Shah. To experience the most resulting arm lift surgery in Vadodara, call Amish Hospital and schedule your appointment.

    Before undergoing an arm lift surgery, you should weigh the pros and cons of the procedure and then decide if you are ready to experience the treatment. It would help if you considered the benefits, complications, and risks before undergoing surgery. The risk of arm lift surgery may include:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Difficulty in wound healing
    • Fluid accumulation
    • Anaesthesia risk
    • Probable damage to nerves, blood vessels, and muscles
    • Fat necrosis
    • Pain and numbness
    • Need for revisional surgery

    It is essential to discuss the questions and queries you have, directly with the surgeon. They will not only lend their ears to you but will also provide a helping hand. Asking questions to your surgeon will help you gain confidence about the procedure and understand what you can expect in the after-surgery results. Developing a realistic expectation is always helpful in achieving desirable outcomes.


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