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Hair Transplant is a surgical process that involves the removal of hair follicles from any site in the body and planting them on the balding area. Amish Hospital offers the best hair transplant in Jamnagar.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hair transplant surgery is the process of restoring hair on the bald areas of your scalp. It is also known as hair restoration surgery and is helpful to overcome hair thinning and hair fall. The surgeon takes the hair follicle from the donor area, usually on the back of your scalp, and plants those follicles on the recipient site. There are two kinds of hair transplant surgery, and those are described below:

    • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): In this procedure, hair follicles are stripped from your scalp, and then follicles are dissected into individual grafts. It can contain between 1 to 4 hair follicles.
    • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In this procedure, individual hair units are picked and transplanted.

    Both these treatments are helpful to fight back excessive hair loss. As a Jamnagar resident, you can look for a hair specialist doctor in Jamnagar or contact Dr Umesh Shah for more information on hair transplant surgery.

    The two major hair restoration processes or hair transplant techniques involve:

    • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)
      The surgeon removes a skin strip from the back of your head. The strip contains healthy hair follicles that are used for the transplant. The strip is extracted from the back of your head and is divided into small sections with a few hair strands in each section. These sections are transplanted into the affected area with light hair. It develops a linear scar on the scalp that is noticeable if you have a short hairstyle.
    • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
      The surgeon shaves your head from the back and removes individual hair follicles. A 0.8 to 1-millimetre micro punch tool is used to remove the hair follicles. The grafts consist of 1 to 6 hair follicles that are planted into the desired area. It leaves small dots on the donor area, and these scars are not noticeable.

    You can undergo any of the two procedures after consulting your hair specialist.

    You can choose a hair doctor in Jamnagar by following any of the given tips.

    • Word of mouth
      Word of mouth acts as an accurate method to choose a hair transplant surgeon. You can try not to fall into the trap of marketing gimmicks and misleading advertisements. It is recommended to talk to someone who has undergone a hair transplant. They can give you better advice as well as a doctor's recommendation.
    • Doctor's credentials
      Always check your doctor's credentials before undergoing surgery. If you have decided to go to a big brand for your hair transplant surgery, check the surgeon's credentials before the surgery. You can look for the surgeon's qualifications, training, and experience.
    • Previous results
      One way to choose a suitable hair surgeon is to see their previous hair transplant surgery results. You can go through their track records or, if possible, talk to their patients. It will help you prepare better for the surgery.
    • Hygiene condition in the hospital
      It is recommended to inspect the hygiene standards in a clinic or hospital before undergoing treatment. You can also look for the work ethics, and the compliances laid down by the government.

    Taking care of the measures mentioned above can give you a satisfactory result. You can get information on the best hair transplants in Jamnagar online. Alternatively, you can contact Dr Umesh Shah. Dr Shah provides his services at Amish Hospital, and you can contact him for your hair transplant surgery.

    The first step is to decide the procedure to be followed. You can either choose a FUSS or FUE method. The decision depends on the initial conversation with your surgeon. Next, you need to know about your stay in the hospital. Hair transplant surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, which means you can go back to your home after the process.

    The transplantation process starts with cleaning the scalp and injecting local anaesthesia into your scalp. Anaesthesia helps in comforting your body during the procedure. It eliminates the pain, but you may feel tugging or pressure during the surgery. In complex cases, general anaesthesia is used for your comfort.

    If you undergo the FUSS procedure, the treatment starts with removing a piece of skin from the back of your head. The wound is then closed with stitches. In the FUE procedure, the donor area is shaved, and grafts are transplanted into the targeted area. It leaves tiny dots on the scalp.

    Next, incisions are made with a needle or scalpel to insert the hair follicles in the targeted area. It takes almost four to eight hours to complete the entire procedure. The surgery's duration depends on the size of the transplant.

    There are no significant side effects. The minor side effects and risks of hair transplant surgery include:

    • Swelling
      It is a common phenomenon to experience swelling after the surgery. In some rare cases, a patient may experience swelling in the forehead region. The swelling on the forehead may cause bruising on the lower eyelids. In case of excessive swelling, it is suggested to contact your surgeon. Try not to indulge in self-treatment.
    • Bleeding
      You may experience slight bleeding around the stitches in the donor area. It is recommended to keep your head elevated in case of bleeding. You can apply pressure with your palm on the affected area. If the bleeding does not stop within 10 minutes, you can consult your surgeon.
    • Pain
      You may experience discomfort after the surgery. However, in case of severe pain, you can take the painkillers advised by your surgeon.
    • Numbness
      You may experience temporary numbness in the donor area or the treatment site. The numbness gradually decreases between 3 to 18 weeks after the surgery. However, it is not long-lasting, and you can experience a gradual improvement in your condition after a few weeks of the surgery.
    • Infection
      You may develop infections if the treatment is not carried in a hygienic condition. It is a rare case to develop infections after a hair transplant surgery. By any chance, if you have developed an infection, it can be treated by taking antibiotics.
    • Thinning of pre-existing hair
      You may notice thinning of your pre-existing hair after the transplant. However, this condition is temporary, and your hair will return to its normal condition. In addition, the side effect is uncommon and not noticed by everyone who undergoes hair transplant surgery.

    You may be pondering about the cost of hair transplant surgery. The cost of the surgery depends on various factors. If you want to know the exact hair transplant cost in Jamnagar, you may consider consulting with a specialist.

    Excessive hair fall is a cause of concern. People take the help of home remedies to control hair fall in the initial days of hair loss. The home remedies may provide some relief, but they may not provide effective results in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to take expert treatment to prevent hair thinning and balding. You can contact a hair specialist to know the reasons behind your hair loss.

    If you must undergo a hair transplant surgery, you may visit Amish Hospital and consult with Dr Umesh Shah. We start the procedure with the consultation round and then proceed further with the surgery. The highly equipped infrastructure and trained medical staff ensure a comfortable treatment procedure.


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