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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Burn is a medical condition of the skin due to extreme heat, sunlight, electric shock or, in rare cases, radiation. Burns are mainly caused due to accidents. There are three types of burns: First Degree, Second Degree and Third Degree burns. First degree burns can usually be treated at home using remedial treatments. For second degree burns, you might have to visit a hospital. But for third-degree burns, you would need a hospital urgently. An untreated second or third-degree burn might develop an infection.

    A few of the symptoms shown by the different degrees of burns are as follows:

    • First-Degree Burns:
      • Redness of skin,
      • No blisters and,
      • Inflammation on the skin.
    • Second-Degree Burns:
      • Blisters,
      • Swelling,
      • Redness of skin and,
      • Pain and inflammation.
    • Third-Degree Burns:
      • All of the symptoms of first and second-degree burns,
      • Charred and peeling skin with red, white and black marks and,
      • Extreme pain.
    • Fourth-Degree Burns:
      • All the symptoms shown by First, Second and Third-Degree burns,
      • No sensation in the burn affected area,
      • Damaged skin, muscle and sometimes the bone.

    Needless to say, if you face any of these symptoms due to second or third-degree burns, you should consult with a doctor. They would be able to analyse better and determine the degree and severity of the burn.

    Come over to Amish Hospital if you are looking for the best hospital for burn treatment in India. We can provide you with the best treatment possible at affordable rates.

    Here are the three primary degrees of burn:

    • First-Degree Burns: These levels of burns are considered superficial, which means that only your skin would be affected. You might have redness, swelling, and irritations. These burns do not require any medical treatments other than topical ointments or ice.
    • Second-Degree Burns: These kinds of burns might go beyond the top layer of your skin, which might be considered more serious, causing blisters, redness and sores along with thick scabs called a fibrinous exudate. The treatments might include topical ointments and creams, cold water and ice, etc.
    • Third-Degree Burns: Third-degree burns are considered quite severe since they can go through all the layers of skin and cause charring and peeling, blisters, leathery scabs, etc. Third-degree burns require medical assistance almost all the time.

    Fourth-degree burns affect everything as in the third-degree burns but may also reach the tendons and bones. The burn surgery cost in India would depend upon the level and extent of burn caused to the body. Visit or at least consult with Dr. Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital in case of a burn.

    First-degree burns are usually considered relatively mild. But if you experience second, third or fourth-degree burns, you would have to visit a doctor. So let’s understand what type of surgeries are performed by a burn specialist:

    • Aid With Breathing: If you have unfortunately had severe burns on your neck and face, you might experience difficulty breathing because of the throat being shut due to swelling. Then the doctor might have to shove a tube through the windpipe to induce breathing.
    • Feeding: Your food pipe might be shut due to swelling in case of a burn. So the doctor would have to feed you through a tube pushed in through the nose.
    • Skin Grafting: If you have had severe second or third-degree burns that have destroyed the skin tissues, the doctor will perform a skin graft in which the skin from deceased donors or pigs would be used.
    • Blood Flow: If a burn is spread around the limb, it might block the blood vessels due to swelling, stopping the blood flow. In that case, the doctor would have to cut the eschar or scabs to restart the blood flow.
    • Plastic Surgery: A surgical reconstruction on the surface would help the burn victim with a better appearance, enhancing flexibility.

    The burn surgery cost in India would depend upon the type of procedure required after the burn. So choose the best healthcare facility to achieve the most satisfying results at an affordable price.

    Visiting a hospital must be considered in the following case:

    • Charred and peeling skin.
    • Chemical or electrical burn of any extent.
    • If the burn is larger than 10% of the body.
    • If the afflicted is pregnant.
    • If the victim is over the age of 60 or under the age of 5.
    • If the afflicted is experiencing sweating, feeling dizzy, sweaty, cold or the victim is under shock.
    • Has a prior life-threatening medical condition.

    Has a weaker immune system due to a particular disease.

    If you or anyone around you has experienced burns, then you might want to consider visiting a hospital. Otherwise, it might get severe and cause other issues.

    Come over to Amish Hospital if you are looking to get treated by the best doctors from the best hospitals for burn treatment in India. Our experts are dedicated to avail you of the most satisfactory results.


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