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Laser stretch mark removal consists of eliminating striae (stretch marks) through laser resurfacing. This works by removing the outer layer of the skin to help reestablish the overlying skin. Amish Hospital offers the best Laser treatment for stretch marks in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are some marks on your tummy, shoulders and inner thighs that are wavy and not delightful to look at. Those are stretch marks. They often last longer on the body as ivory white streaks, but their initial appearance is flat red lines that diminish. Yes, everyone knows about them, but unfortunately, not many people give a second thought to clearing these marks.

    Striae distensae, most commonly known as stretch marks, are scarrings on the skin when the skin tissue is overstretched. The elastic fibres that exist under the surface of the skin break due to overstretching, and these stretch marks appear as perpendicular tension lines in the skin.

    Stretch marks are associated with weight changes. It is also a result of factors such as hormonal changes during pregnancy, puberty, hormonal replacement therapy and bodybuilding.
    If you live in or around Vadodara, you may consider consulting Dr Umesh at Amish Hospital for compelling aesthetics at affordable laser stretch mark removal cost in Vadodara.

    The red and pink lines manifest as stretch marks arise when the skin is stretched beyond its breaking point. The elastic collagen layers that exist in the dermis, the middle layer of the skin tissue, begin to break down due to the stretch. The stretching gives rise to the formation of scar tissue, inflammation and micro bleeding. Irregular red lines that symbolise stretch marks begin to form.

    The stretched skin also becomes transparent at one point as the epidermis, the exterior layer of the skin is also extended. Progressive stretching causes the middle layer stretch marks to protrude out to the outer layer; hence epidermis alone does not cover the stretch marks.

    The scar tissue loses its blood supply due to the stretching, and a silvery shade begins to appear. These silvery skin tones are lighter than the natural skin tone, and this is due to the fact that the epidermis contains pigment cells. Since the epidermis has been stretched, the underlying layer also splits, which does not have any pigment cells.

    Are your stretch marks bothering you? You may consider contacting Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital.

    Many specialists have used laser therapy to reduce or correct the appearance of stretch marks, but the results have been widely inconsistent. There could be many reasons for the varied results, and the most vital factor is the medical history and severity of the stretch marks. Different skin types have different responses towards laser therapy, but the treatment does offer some improvement.

    Monochromatic lights of varied, intense wavelengths are known as lasers, and these are targeted to boost the cells producing collagen and elastin, also known as fibroblast cells. These cells, when revived, cover up the stretch marks and scars.

    Our skin is structured around elastin and collagen, and they give it the essential elasticity, structure and strength. Apart from laser therapy, other aesthetic treatments for removing stretch marks also target elastin and collagen production.

    If stretch marks are worrying you, stop worrying about stretch marks removal treatment cost in Vadodara. You can consult at Amish hospital for one of the best dermatologists and pocket-friendly treatment prices.

    Of course, apart from learning about the benefits of laser therapy, its cost does have an integral role. The price for laser therapy varies on the type of scar, intensity and spread of the stretch marks. Apart from laser therapy, you may consider whether or not you need a combination of other skin treatments.

    The white stretch marks, also known as striae alba, are old marks and take time to dissolve while the new or most recent stretch marks respond well towards the laser.

    Different skin types have different responses towards laser therapy. The doctor will need to evaluate the skin and types first before initiating any treatment. It is after the analysis and evaluation that a reasonable cost can be put forth. At Amish hospital, one can stop worrying about stretch marks treatment cost in Vadodara. In spite of providing world-class service, the pricing at this centre is affordable.

    Laser therapy is a non-invasive aesthetic measure which means you will not be going under the knife. Also, due to the heat involved, laser therapy has the potential to diminish scars and stretch marks without exceeding the downtime.

    You can jump back to your day-to-day activities while the therapy targets the collagen in your skin to improve its appearance. After this treatment, minus the stretch marks, your body will indeed look rejuvenated.

    If you are still worried about laser treatment for stretch marks cost in Vadodara, step into Amish hospital as they offer cost-effective and wallet-friendly aesthetic treatments. At our hospital, we ensure that good looks can be affordable for all.


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