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Body lift surgery is a very powerful plastic surgery procedure for individuals that have excessive fat, skin, and other cells that linger after significant weight loss. Amish Hospital offers the best body lift surgery in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A body lift surgery is performed to remove excess fat and loose skin to enhance the physique and contours of the primary cellular tissue supporting the skin and fat.

    A body lift can also revamp the cellulite or the irregular skin surface of the body. It can be of two types: Upper Body Lift and Lower Body Lift.

    Upper Body Lift

    There are several upper body lift surgeries, including breast lift (gynecomastia), upper arm lift or the correction of the loose fat along your back. A body lift can also tighten up the saggy skin resulting from a dramatic weight loss (through an exercise regime or liposuction) or post-pregnancy. It results in a better contour and physique of your body, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

    Upper body lifts surgery treats:

    • Saggy skin around your arms, chest and waist.
    • Loose fat along your back.

    For a better appearance, after going through a weight loss or pregnancy, people often think about having a breast lift, tummy tuck, plastic surgery and upper arm lift.

    Lower Body Lift

    Often, a dramatic weight loss or normal ageing leaves behind saggy skin below the waistline. Lower Body Lift is a procedure to taut the saggy skin around the back of the thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen. If you are at an appropriate weight and thinking of going through an upper-body lift, you might be the right candidate for a lower body lift.

    The sagging skin might also result from deficient tissue elasticity due to drastic fluctuations in your weight, sun damage, pregnancy or genetics.

    Body lift surgery costs in Vadodara depends on various factors, including:

    • Anaesthesia charges
    • Medical tests and diagnostic tests
    • Surgeon fees depending upon their experience and credentials
    • Medication costs
    • Hospital and facility charges and
    • Surgery and post-surgery garments cost

    Body lift surgery is often not covered in the health insurance policy, but you should always consult your health insurance company. For any more information regarding the body lift surgery costs in Vadodara, visit Amish Hospital.

    The candidacy for body lift surgery depends on various factors:

    • People having soft tissue looseness or saggy skin in various areas.
    • People who do not smoke or are willing to stop smoking for a few weeks before and after the surgery.
    • Candidates devoted to spending a hearty way of life filled with nourishment.
    • If you don't have any prior acute and long-lasting medical condition, that can hamper the surgery and recovery.
    • You should not be hesitant about the surgery. The surgery decision should be for your satisfaction and not under the influence of someone else's opinion.

    The doctors decide who is the right candidate for body lift surgery depending upon their health, goals and requirements, etc. To know if you are the right candidate for body lift surgery in Vadodara, visit Amish Hospital or book an online appointment for a consultation.

    Body lift is cosmetic surgery, and includes sizable cuts and openings depending upon the extent of saggy skin to be eliminated. Using advanced technologies and approaches, the cuts are placed in particular locations hidden under your clothing. The procedure for body lift surgery is as follows:

    • Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia is observed during the surgical procedure to desensitize a particular area of the body (local anaesthesia) or induce a complete sleep (general anaesthesia).
    • Incision: As with any surgical procedure, an incision is made to tighten up the saggy skin based on the extent of affliction. For example, to perform a complete lower body lift for thighs, waist, buttocks, hips, etc., an incision in the shape of a bikini pattern is made. A blend of body lift and lipoplasty is implemented to carry out an improvement of the body contour.
    • Closing the Incision: While closing the incisions with sutures, tapes or clips, loose and saggy skin is tightened in all the required places to achieve the best physique and body contours.
    • Observe the Results: While the preliminary results are visible immediately after the surgery, it may take a year or two for the results to fully develop and show.

    Though the procedure mentioned above is followed in a body lift surgery, it may vary in details depending upon the extent and type of body lift surgery being performed, i.e. Upper body lift or lower body lift.

    Cosmetic procedures, including body lift surgery, should be considered because you need it due to saggy skin caused by drastic weight loss or pregnancy. But it should not be under the influence of someone else's opinion.

    Before deciding on having a body lift surgery, you should consult a cosmetic surgeon and ask him all the essential questions regarding the risks associated with the surgery. The hospital might ask you to fill out an agreement to declare that you recognize and accept the risks and potential medical issues, including:

    • Hematoma and bleeding
    • Skin infection
    • Risks associated with anaesthesia like sore throat, damage to teeth, nausea, etc.
    • Persistent pain
    • Cardiac and pneumonia complications
    • Unfavourable scarring on the body
    • Fluid accumulation and oedema
    • Skin tissue damage
    • Recurrent sagging of skin and
    • Sutures closing the incision may resurface and irritate.

    These risks may or may not affect a patient's recovery as it depends on their particular immune system and any prior medical conditions they might suffer from.

    For further information on body lift surgery in Vadodara, visit Amish Hospital or book an online appointment for a consultation with Dr Umesh Shah, one of India's most distinguished cosmetic surgeons in Vadodara.


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