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PRP treatment for baldness is a three-step clinical therapy where an individual’s blood has been removed, processed, and injected into your scalp. Amish Hospital offers the best PRP in Gujarat.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An autologous and non-operative technique used to help the hair follicles in the scalp grow new hair is known as platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP hair treatment. Certain kinds of platelets present in PRP promote hair growth by reactivating the dormant hair follicles.

    PRP is considered very safe for patients because it doesn't threaten allergies, foreign-body reactions or hypersensitivity. Previously, PRP has been used in many different medical and surgical fields as well. However, using or opting for PRP is entirely a personal choice, and it is advised to consult with a professional and do some research before finalising. PRP takes the good, functional cells from the scalp and reinjects them into the area they are needed, making it a natural and safe process.

    PRP involves using your own, unmodified cells eliminating the risk of getting a blood infection from any other human being. Also, being your cells, your immune system accepts them. In the case of PRP therapy in hair restoration, the complete medical data and clinical trial records are still awaited to prove the exact effectiveness of the treatment. Thus, PRP should not be considered as a cure for hair loss as of now. There is no 100% guarantee of individual effectiveness, and claims regarding the outcomes cannot be made because approvals from FDA are still pending.

    In males, androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is a commonly seen type of hair loss, and similarly, in females, female pattern baldness is common. PRP hair treatment is effective for both men and women. In PRP, platelets are prepared in concentrated plasma. The optimal plasma concentration is yet to be established, but current methods use 300-700% enrichment. Thus, platelet concentrations are gradually increased to more than 1000000 platelets/L. PRP has the ability of wound healing, thus has been successful in attracting the attention of various medical fields.

    Numerous proteins are released during activation of alpha granules in the platelets like-

    • Platelet-derived growth factors
    • Transforming growth factor
    • Vascular endothelial growth factor
    • Insulin-like growth factor
    • Epidermal growth factor
    • Interleukin

    These proteins, when released into the hair follicles, act directly on the stem cells. By bulging the area of follicles, they promote new hair follicles growth and neovascularization. There is published work available in Europe and the United States that proves the safety of PRP. Since the past two decades, speciality fields like oral surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, sports medicine, orthopaedics have used PRP as an efficient treatment that yields positive and effective results.

    The PRP effectiveness in hair restoration is in the early stages of scientific research. As of now, FDA has approved DHT blockers and Minoxidil therapies. Supposing you are based in Gujarat, the average PRP cost in Gujarat can depend on how many sessions of treatment you require to get the desired results. Some hair transplant procedures use PRP therapy in conjunction as well.

    Mainly two types of patients are considered while using PRP treatments for hair loss, and include-

    • Individuals who have areas of weak quality hair growth on the scalp that have functioning hair follicles.
    • Individuals with small areas of alopecia areata.

    The reason for considering these people is because greater success and better outcomes have been observed in them.

    People who cannot be considered as rightful candidates for PRP treatment include the following-

    • Individuals with active scalp infection.
    • People who have a history of viral conditions like shingles, diabetes, clotting disorder, etc.
    • Individuals who are on blood-thinning medicines or immunosuppressive drugs like aspirin.
    • Heavy smokers
    • People who use drugs and alcohol frequently.
    • People with metabolic or systemic disorders.

    Patients with a previous medical diagnosis of conditions like platelet dysfunction syndromes, hypofibrinogenaemia, thrombocytopenia, sepsis, acute and chronic infections, hemodynamic instability, chronic liver disease, chronic skin diseases or cancer and anticoagulation therapy.

    PRP has been an effective and preferred treatment because of several excellent benefits it has. Some of the significant benefits of PRP include-

    • Prevention of future hair loss
    • Promotion of dense and healthier hair
    • Stopping miniaturisation of hair follicles
    • Plumps up the hair follicle for a hair transplant process
    • No major side effects
    • Promotes wound healing
    • Reduction of scarring on the area of treatment
    • Has observed a high rate of success
    • Treatment results in natural-looking hair
    • Uses topical anaesthesia for a painless procedure
    • The active phase or anagen phase of hair growth is improved

    PRP has also been proved helpful in treating many other patients with conditions requiring medical and surgical treatments. Several actors, including the doctor's qualifications and experience, can influence the PRP cost in Gujarat and other cities.

    PRP possesses a significantly less risk of infections and allergies since the patient is treated with their plasma. Very subtle side effects like minor bruising, itching, and swelling of the treated areas are observed in some patients. Depending on an individual's standard healing period, these effects recede in around two to five days.


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