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A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of ageing in the jawline and neck. Amish Hospital offers the best neck lift in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can improve the visible signs of ageing in the jawline and neck by undergoing a neck lift or lower rhytidectomy. The surgery can help with -

    • Deposits of excess fat under the chin.
    • Skin relaxation and excess fat that creates jowls in the lower face.
    • Loosening of the neck skin.
    • Abnormal contours due to muscle banding in the neck.

    Factors like heredity, environmental conditions, gravity and stress can cause the loss of youthful contours in the face and neck.

    Some people might feel that a complete facelift is unnecessary because their upper face is still pleasing. But they might have excess wrinkles on the neck skin, double chin and jowls. In this case, a neck lift is a good option. Other procedures that can be done with a neck lift include- a brow lift for deep furrowed or sagging brows, fat transfer for adding fullness to the lips and cheeks to reduce wrinkles, and eyelid surgery for ageing eyes.

    Like any other surgery, a neck lift has some limitations like-

    • It is a restorative surgery that cannot change your fundamental appearance and doesn't stop the ageing process.
    • The neck lift is a surgical procedure. The non-surgical methods might help you reach the point when you can have a neck lift or complement the surgery outcomes.

    To undergo a neck lift surgery in Vadodara, you can consider contacting Dr Umesh Shah or visit Amish Hospital.

    The neck lift surgery cost in Vadodara can vary a lot based on several factors. For instance, the surgeon's fees can change depending on their experience and the type of procedure used. Unfortunately, most insurances don't cover neck lift surgery.

    The various factors that affect neck lift cost in Vadodara include-

    • The fee of the surgeon
    • Medicine prescriptions
    • Post-surgery garments
    • Medical tests
    • Anaesthesia fees
    • Surgical facility costs

    Though the cost might be an essential factor, you also remember that the outcome greatly depends on your surgeon's experience. In addition, you need to discuss many things related to the surgery with your surgeon, so it is necessary that you feel comfortable around them. So make sure you make a rational decision based on all the aspects and not only the price.

    People who are considered to be the best candidates for neck lift include-

    • Non-smoking individuals.
    • Individuals who have a positive mindset towards the surgery.
    • People who are healthy and don't have any condition that can impact healing.

    The surgeon who will perform your neck lift in Vadodara will examine you before deciding on the surgery. It will help them determine whether you are fit to undergo a neck lift.

    To prepare for a neck lift surgery, you may need to fulfil the following-

    • Lab tests or medical evaluation
    • Avoid smoking
    • Start new medicines or adjust the current medicines
    • Refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal medications that can increase the bleeding

    Your doctor will give you specific instructions that you'll need to follow the night before the surgery and the morning of the surgery. The doctor will also inform you in detail about the anaesthesia preferred and post-surgery care and follow-ups.

    Usually, a neck lift is an outpatient procedure performed in an accredited office-based surgery room, surgical centre or hospital. It is an excellent option to arrange transportation beforehand. You can ask a friend or relative to stay over for a day or two for care and help.

    The following steps are involved in a neck lift surgery-

    • Anaesthesia
      Your surgeon will recommend medications to put you at ease during the procedure. The choice is between general anaesthesia and intravenous sedation. You can ask your doctor about the preferred option.
    • Incision
      Based on the changes you want, you'll need a traditional incision neck lift or a limited incision neck lift.
    • Traditional neck lift incision-
      It begins from the hairline at the level of a sideburn, goes around the ears and ends in the posterior hair. The doctor can redistribute fat from the neck and jowls. Mostly, the platysma muscle is tightened, and tissue under the neck skin is adjusted. Skin will be draped back on the uplifted contours, and extra skin is removed. For liposuction and muscle repair purposes, you might require a separate incision under the chin.
    • If you opt for a limited incision neck lift, incisions are made only around the ears. But you'll get limited results from this process.

    The incisions are closed using sutures or skin adhesives.

    • Closing the wounds
      Sutures or skin glue is used to close the incision lines. Sutures might be dissolvable or might need to be removed after some days. On complete recovery, the scars are well hidden within the hairline and natural ear contours.
    • Results
      The outcomes of the surgery are more apparent after the bruising and swelling lessen. The final result can boost your self-confidence and make you appear more youthful and rested.

    You might want to visit Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital if you want to undergo neck lift surgery in Vadodara. He has ample experience to help you get your desired results.

    Undergoing a neck lift is a personal choice. It depends on you if you are willing to accept the risks and complications involved. You'll also need to see whether the desired results are achievable using a neck lift.

    A consent form needs to be signed before the surgery to make sure you understand all the risks involved and the process of surgery.

    The potential risks include-

    • Additional surgery because of unsatisfactory results.
    • Poor healing of wounds.
    • Constant pain.
    • Rare chances of deep venous thrombosis with cardiac or pulmonary sequelae.
    • Change in skin sensation or numbness.
    • Skin loss
    • Irregularities of skin and discolouration.
    • Sutures may visibly surface through the skin, cause irritation and require removal.
    • Long-lasting swelling.
    • Unwanted scarring.
    • Infections
    • Accumulation of fluids.
    • Rare nerve injury causing weakness of the lower lip.
    • Bleeding
    • Hair loss (temporary or permanent) along the incisions.
    • Facial asymmetry
    • Anaesthesia risks

    The surgeon will inform you about the risks before the surgery and ensure that you fully understand them. It is vital that you ask all your doubts and gets your concerns addressed directly by the surgeon before the procedure.


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