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Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure. It entails a skincare professional removing the upper layer of the skin by having a tiny hand-held apparatus. Amish Hospital offers the best microdermabrasion in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cosmetic adventures have yielded yet another magic trick that can exfoliate the skin. It is done without harsh lasers and chemical peels in the most natural way possible, and it is called microdermabrasion. In this procedure, fine crystals are used to resurface the dull skin layer. Vacuum pressure on the skin is increased so that the cosmetologist can penetrate the deep layers of the skin.

    The non-surgical compact system, Microderm, is designed to carry out microdermabrasion procedures efficiently and safely in cosmetology clinics. The skin tissues are abraded using micro-crystals that are propelled on the skin using a controlled jet device.

    Looking for skin aesthetic improvements and worried about microdermabrasion cost in Vadodara? You may consider Dr Umesh Shah at Amish Hospital for affordable microdermabrasion in Vadodara.

    If you have dull or sallow skin, microdermabrasion might do the trick for you. The procedure tackles problems like acne discoloration, acne, pick marks and very superficial acne scars.

    Microdermabrasion suits the busy lifestyle of people who want to look fresh without heavy downtime. Superficial skin issues certainly are taken care of in this process. For people with deeper acne issues, surgical dermabrasion, laser resurfacing or chemical peeling is needed. For more information on dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and other cosmetic procedures, you may contact Dr Shah, one of the most renowned cosmetologists in Vadodara, at Amish Hospital.

    Skin analysis is the first step towards any skin treatment, and for successful microdermabrasion results, this is a vital step.

    Step 1: a special cleansing gel is used to clean the skin.

    Step 2: the dead skin layer is abraded using the handheld microdermabrasion tool with diamond tips. The skin gets clean and smooth.

    It is understood by now that dermabrasion is a mechanical power-driven procedure that removes the outer dead layer of skin. A local or general anaesthetic will be used depending on the skin concern and intensity of treatment. The times taken could be anywhere between minutes to two hours, depending on the nature of the process. After the dermabrasion, one can expect the skin to be sensitive for about ten days, swollen and red.

    Microdermabrasion is the less invasive handheld device treatment that could be done in any cosmetic clinic, doctor’s office and even at home. There are many microdermabrasion home kits available. The dermatologist uses a handheld device, the sandblaster, to circulate high pressure of aluminium oxide antioxidant crystals into the skin.

    First impressions are our constant worry. No matter how much we strive to put our best foot forward, our busy lives always lack the edge and facial features to top our worry list. In our quest to look radiant and have smooth skin, microdermabrasion treatment ticked all boxes as the good cosmetic skin treatment.

    One procedure that treats the skin to give a smoother texture by removing dead skin cells is microdermabrasion. Apart from the list of benefits, the procedure cost is something we would worry about, but there is no definite bracket. The cost of microdermabrasion depends on the skin type, type of skin concerns and number of sessions needed. For better aesthetic appeals, the cost must be given the back shelf, but again this sentiment differs from person to person.

    If you are concerned about the microdermabrasion price in Vadodara, We understand! Amish hospital provides aesthetic treatments with world-class amenities and fulfils cosmetic needs to the core. The highly accomplished award-winning staff of Amish hospital ensures that your skin is well taken care of, and you leave the doctor’s office feeling your best.

    Microdermabrasion treatment cost in Vadodara at Amish Hospital is not only affordable, but the prices vary depending on the number of sessions you will need.

    Looking for effective anti-wrinkle treatment? Tap into the benefits of Microdermabrasion therapy! The technique is impressive in its ability to revive the skin cells and maintain their health. The first session gives the best results; however, the skin type and concerns need to be kept in mind.

    Microdermabrasion can be practised at home too, but you should consult a dermatologist first.

    You can actively perform daily life activities right after microdermabrasion. Because the procedure is carried out on the skin under guided hands, side effects are pretty minimal. Still, due to the intensity of the procedure, you can expect minor bruising or swelling.

    The skin will have a slight pink tint after microdermabrasion, but this fades away in a few hours. The essential after-treatment skin care requisites include:

    1. Keep skin hydrated
    2. Use gentle and neutral skincare products
    3. Avoid topical acne medications for at least a day
    4. Use sunscreen as the skin is quite sensitive, at least for a few days after the treatment.

    Noticeable results are often evident immediately after the procedure, but your skin could need more microdermabrasion sessions depending on the severity of the skin concern. Amish Hospital provides a detailed plan on the number of sessions and periodic maintenance sessions that will keep the skin looking perky, young and fresh!


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