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Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the look, form, and dimensions of the lips of a person. Amish Hospital offers the best lip augmentation In Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Since the 1960s, cosmetic surgeons had practised lip enlargement or enhancement techniques now popular as lip augmentation. Thanks to its rising fame, the procedure has advanced using better surgical techniques and material for an improved and safe cosmetic experience.

    The most attractive feature of lip augmentation is that everyone is eligible. Lip augmentation isn't just to achieve fuller lips but also to improve the shape and erase crookedness. Lip symmetries can be corrected and enhanced using this technique.

    The following problems are resolved using lip augmentation:

    1. Irregular borders: If the right side of the lips is different from the left side in shape or size.
    2. Thin and flat lips: this can be improved by lip augmentation. Old age and genetics can cause thin lips.
    3. Insufficient lips: Lip augmentation and Lip lift (another surgical procedure) on the upper lip can be combined to improve the look of the upper lip.
    4. Insufficient bottom lip: A bottom lip being thin is rare, but people do have it, and to improve this, lip augmentation plays a role.
    5. Macrocheilia: Overly prominent lips aren't too functional, yet they are desirable. Full lips can get heavy and interfere with their functions.
    6. High lip line: If your high lip line exposes the gums of your teeth, then lip augmentation can improve it.
    7. Lip Lines: Natural ageing gives rise to fine lines around the corners of the mouth.

    People desire plump, luscious lips, and lip enhancement treatment can make their wishes turn into reality. Today, with the advent of the latest technologies, lip augmentation is a cosmetic solution and safe to practice.

    Thinking of undergoing lip augmentation in Vadodara? Dr Umesh Shah at Amish hospital not just meets your aesthetic goals but also offers customised solutions.

    Anyone can be a good candidate for lip augmentation procedures. It not only caters towards fuller lips but also helps candidates correct their lip symmetries, as in crookedness.

    Lip augmentation treatments are simple, quick and effective surgeries to get attractive lips that are plump. Apart from giving fuller lips, lip augmentations can also help with:

    1. Irregular borders: asymmetrical lips can be corrected with lip augmentation to improve the deficient or impacted portion of the lip.
    2. Flat and thin lips: Thin lips are those that do not have a definition or are full. The upper lip, in this case, often doesn't have a Cupid's bow, and lip augmentation can help with that.
    3. Very thin lip: Augmentation can be performed on such lips or lip lift surgery. A fuller-looking lip will be the definite result.
    4. Very thin bottom lip: The type of lips is rare but can be rectified by lip augmentation.
    5. Prominent lips: Full lips, although desirable, do have their limitations, with one being their ability to comply with oral functions.
    6. Gummy smile: Do your gums show whenever you smile? If they do, then probably lip augmentation can help you.
    7. Lip lines: Fine lines around the corners of the mouth can be due to ageing or smoking. Lip augmentation can help erase these lines.

    There are many hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centres that offer lip augmentation in Vadodara. But if you want to undergo the treatment at affordable prices, you must consider Amish Hospital. Dr Umesh Shah is not only recognised for his expertise, but he is also widely regarded for offering the most pocket-friendly lip augmentation price in Vadodara.

    The lip augmentation price in Vadodara depends on various factors, including the intricate process the doctors perform.

    Your doctor will examine your lips, facial anatomy and fat distribution during the consultation. The analysis is essential to decide if lip augmentation is what you need. Your doctor will consider your chin, nose, lips, philtrum and cheeks to determine what lip augmentation will suit you more.

    Your doctor will also discuss medical history and medical conditions, allergies, other surgeries in the past, any medications you are taking currently to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Your doctor will also address your concerns and expectations.

    These discussions are crucial to deciding the type of procedure for the best outcome. While the
    lip augmentation surgery cost in Vadodara is affordable, and if you must get it done under an experienced and talented specialist, you must visit Amish Hospital.

    These are two types of lip augmentation:

    1. Temporary lip enhancement:

    Temporary lip augmentation includes the following:

    Injectable fillers
    Collagen is pumped up into the affected area for a fuller look. The injectable fillers like Juvederm, Perlane, Belotero, Restylane etc., work by stimulating the collagen. The results of these last from weeks to years if proper care is taken.

    The fillers used can be synthetic, from animal sources and even donated human tissue or fat. The side effects of this treatment are migration of the material, inflammation, firmness and plumpness.

    The procedure can last between 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the extent of the doctor's experience. A syringe is used to inject the dermal filler under the skin of the lips at the areas identified. The skin will look revived due to the increased volume beneath it, and a youthful appearance will be restored.

    Fat transfer lip augmentation
    In this technique, fat from the donor area of the patient will be extracted. The discreet area can be the buttocks or stomach, hence the name- fat transfer lip augmentation. The fat extracted is processed using the centrifugation technique and then injected into the lips. The results of this technique can vary from long-lasting to permanent.

    2. Permanent lip enhancement:
    Permanent lip enhancement includes the following:

    Lip implants
    You may undergo lip implants for permanent effect, and the surgery lasts between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The implants are made of silicone or saline and do not rupture, degrade or deflate with time. It is more invasive than the injectable lip augmentation technique, but the results are long-lasting. IV sedation and local anaesthetics are used in this as it is invasive. Four incisions will be marked at each corner of the client's mouth through which the implants will be inserted.

    The incisions are closed using dissolvable sutures, and wounds will be dressed. These lip implants do not shrink, nor do they get absorbed into the body. Also, these implants can later be extracted out of the lips if your cosmetic choices change over time.

    Lip lift
    A lip lift is offered to those who have long upper lips or those who have thin lips. Minimal sedition is required for this technique and is counted as an outpatient treatment. In this technique, the excess skin is removed, and lip muscles are tightened.

    You may consult Dr Shah at Amish Hospital for a clear and transparent permanent lip augmentation cost in Vadodara.

    Have you heard of lunchtime cosmetic procedures? As surprising as it may sound, lip augmentation is a lunchtime cosmetic touch up. You may experience bruising and swelling for seven days or less. Although you might have some swelling and bruises, these do not interfere with your daily life chores.

    The surgical lip augmentation will need you to rest for 1 to 2 days and no exercise or physical activity for 2 to 3 days. Temporary swelling, numbness, and bruising due to the surgical intervention will subside within a week, but residual swelling will last for more days.

    Lip related activities like laughing, chewing and talking should be limited for the first week following the surgery. Icing the lips 48 hours after surgery and keeping an elevated head will help deal with the swelling.

    Although safe, lip augmentation does have accompanied side effects as compared with any other cosmetic procedures. These complications include implant migration, scarring, allergic reactions, tightness and numbness, among others. For more information on lip augmentation, you may visit Amish Hospital.


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