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Plastic surgery is a surgical speciality involving the reconstruction, restoration or alteration of the human body. Amish Hospital offers the best plastic surgery in Surat.

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    Dr. Umesh Shah

    M. S (Gen. Surgery) and M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery)

    Dr. Umesh Shah has more than 30 years of experience and is well known for the quality of his surgical results. He has performed more than 500 various reconstructive surgeries.

    • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
    • Sex Reassignment Surgery (Sex Change Surgery)
    • Critical Burns Treatment And Post Burns Deformities


    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is very common to relate the word plastic with artificial. But in reality, the term is derived from 'plastikos', a Greek word, which means to mould or give form. Trauma, illness or birth disorders are common causes of having defects in facial and body tissue and need to be reconstructed. In this case, a surgical speciality known as plastic surgery comes into play. It is also used to improve a person's appearance if they are not satisfied with it. Except for the central nervous system, plastic surgery can be performed on any anatomical part of the body, including-

    • The facial skeleton (Maxillofacial)
    • Skin (Due to skin cancer, tattoo removal, burns, scars and birthmarks)
    • Deformed ears, cleft palate, cleft lip (Congenital abnormalities)

    Want to undergo plastic surgery in Surat but don't know whom to approach? Consider booking an appointment with Dr Shah at the Amish Hospital, or you can walk in for a consultation as well.

    The difference between the procedures can be told based on their definitions, procedure types and even uses.

    • What do they mean?
      - Cosmetic surgery uses various medical and surgical techniques to enhance appearance. It is possible to do cosmetic surgery on any body part like the face, neck, abdomen, etc. It is also known as aesthetic surgery. The targeted area for treatment is not dysfunctional, but it is possible to enhance it based on patient needs.
      - Plastic surgery is a surgical speciality that focuses on reconstruction rather than enhancing facial and body tissues. Defects can be due to birthmarks, injuries, burns and other diseases. Since it is known as reconstructive surgery, the area to be treated is dysfunctional and needs to be corrected.
    • Elective or Emergency procedure?
      - Cosmetic surgery is not an emergency procedure since the treatment area is not dysfunctional. It is just aimed at achieving aesthetic enhancement, according to the patient.
      - Plastic surgery can either be an emergency or elective procedure. If the procedure is done because of a fatal threat to the patient's organ, limb, or any other part, it is considered an emergency. Scalp lacerations, lacerations on the face and nasal injuries require plastic surgery.
    • Why is it done?
      - Cosmetic surgery is done for the enhancement of appearance and on a part that is functioning normally. Examples of cosmetic surgery include facelift, abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and hair transplant.
      - Plastic surgery aims at reconstructing the defected area and restoring its function. Examples of plastic surgery include burn repair, mastectomy scar repair, breast reduction for chronic neck and back pain, cleft lip or palate repair, reconstruction of the lower limbs, trauma surgery and more.

    Dr Shah is highly recommended for cosmetic surgery in Surat. You can consider visiting him for a consultation.

    Benefits of plastic and cosmetic surgery include the following-

    • Self-confidence is boosted
      It is a fact that your appearance influences your mood. Being satisfied with how you look gives you confidence and positivity. So, usually, the people who lack this confidence due to their physical appearance undergo these surgeries because they feel inferior about themselves. However, once the desired look is achieved, their confidence knows no bounds!
    • Feeling good
      Undergoing a surgery like cosmetic/plastic surgery and getting the anticipated results can boost your confidence and improve your mental health. When people are not pleased with how they look or if their overall appearance makes them conscious, they tend to be insecure and hideaway. On getting their expected results and looks, they become less conscious and eventually regain their self-esteem.
    • Improve your physical health
      Procedures like rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) can improve your breathing while giving the desired size and shape to your nose. Thus, some cosmetic procedures can improve both physical health and appearance.
    • Eliminate the extra weight
      It is seen that you can easily manage weight after undergoing liposuction or a tummy tuck. In a way, these procedures can motivate you to maintain a proper health and diet plan, exercise routine and help you keep the weight in range.

    To know more about the procedures and their benefits, you may call or visit Amish Hospital.

    The risks of plastic surgery include

    • Poor Outcomes
      One of the biggest worries while undergoing or deciding on plastic surgery is the unsatisfactory outcome. The result can not only fail but make your appearance worse than the previous one.
    • Bleeding
      You may lose an excessive amount of blood during recovery, or bleeding continues when the wound is supposed to be healed. For example, bleeding after the surgery can mean that the patient is too active after the surgery without complete recovery.
    • Infection
      Infection is very common during recovery. However, proper caring of the wound and frequent hand washing can help you prevent any infection.
    • Numbness or nerve damage
      Nerves can get damaged or severed during a surgical procedure. For example, if a facial nerve gets damaged, it can lead to the inability to make facial expressions or ptosis (drooping of the eyes).
    • Scarring
      Even though doctors can control scarring, it is not always predictable. However, avoiding smoking, maintaining a healthy diet post-surgery and following the surgeon's instructions can help you prevent the risk of scarring.

    You can start your search by shortlisting plastic surgery hospitals in Surat and then making in-person appointments.


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