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About Dr. Umesh Shah

About Dr. Umesh Shah

Dr. Umesh Shah, M. S (Gen. Surgery) and M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery) is Consulting Plastic Surgeon, he has his own 5 bedded state of art with laser and cosmetic surgery centre at Amish hospital, Ashapuri Society, Akota, Baroda - Gujarat (India) Dr. Umesh Shah has a more than 25 years Experience in cosmetic, Plastic and reconstructive surgery, critical Burns treatment, Post burns Deformities and cosmetic rehabilitation of burns surgery, and is well known for the quality of his surgical results. Dr. Umesh Shah completed residencies in specialties – Burns (burns, post burns deformities Surgery), Cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Dr. Umesh Shah, Born in Baroda, Gujarat-India, trained in General Surgery (M. S.) at B. J. Medical Collage, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat (India) in 1986. He continued his surgical specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (M. Ch) at the Grant Medical Collage, Bombay University , Mumbai in 1989 with flying colors, with thesis on Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction). He has got an opportunity to work with Dr. S.P. Arumngam - Cosmetic Surgeon Chicago, USA. For two months.

Dr. Umesh Shah is board certified in Plastic, Laser Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Burns care treatment and Post burn Deformities Surgery. He currently limits his practice to Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, reconstructive surgery and Burns treatment & post burns deformities surgery relate to Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Umesh Shah also worked as Honorary (Voluntary) Plastic Surgeon at Shram mandir Leprosy Hospital , Sindhrot, Gujarat-India since from January 1990. He perform their more than 500 various reconstructive surgeries.

Dr. Umesh Shah is a Vice president of Gujarat Plastic Surgeon Association, a member of Association of surgeons of India , Association of Plastic Surgeon of India, and International Burns association. He was presented more then 40 papers in various National & International Conferences.

Notable Papers are:

"Salvaging of Major Burns - A Challenge and answer for the developing country" and A research paper on "Use of Non invasive ventilator for Respiratory Burns" Presented in 9 th Congress of European Burns Association, France.

He has demonstrated "Meek Micro Grafting Technique" in national workshop at Delhi , Lucknow , and Ahmedabad.

Dr. Umesh shah graduated from B.J. Medical College of Gujarat University. His initial focus was in Plastic and cosmetic Surgery, but his passion for Burns & Post burn cosmetic surgery fueled his desire to continue his studies and specialize in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for burns', he has particular expertise in Rhinoplasty. In addition, his passion for learning and his training in plastic surgery has allowed him to keep current with the latest trends in breast and body contouring surgery.

While Dr. Umesh Shah has strong academic achievements and various certifications underscore his knowledge, the most compelling evidence of his abilities lies in his performance. He has an excellent reputation for achieving a very natural appearance for his patients. He has realized tremendous success through his patients' happiness and pleasure in the results achieved.


Dr. Umesh Shah honor by appreciated Award for "Voluntary Services in Leprosy Work" By Honorary Minister of Health Shri Ashok Bhatt. He is also a winner of the Best Paper award twice in State Conference (Gusacon) in 1999 and 2001. A Word from Dr. Shah - "For Cosmetic Surgery Today"

I am always surprised at how even slight external improvement can positively affect my patient's confidence and personality The elective and personal nature of cosmetic surgery demands that we handle the process with care, safety and prudence(Intelligence). I consider each patient's needs and desires and handle each procedure in a customized fashion to ensure personalization and natural results.

A truly remarkable plastic surgeon does not perform impossible procedures, but rather provides the best information, advice and guidance to his patients and performs the most appropriate procedure(s) based on the patient's desires and the specifics of each case. My training and experience in plastic surgery allow me to visualize the results for each patient and predict the outcome of specific procedures.

I believe the initial consultation is a serious part and I provide sufficient time to spend with each individual. I listen carefully to each patient's concerns, needs and purpose. My ability to contribute and help achieve each person's individual meaning of beauty can only be accomplished when my patients are well informed of the surgical process, procedures and options. Often, there are many surgical options available. however, these options vary with respect to recovery, risk, cost and results. I explore these options with each patient during their consultation because my staff and I are committed to educating our patients to make sure they are able to make truly informed decisions. Together, in the initial discussion, we determine a safe, reasonable plan to follow.

My objective is to provide you with an improved normal appearance through my meticulous (Accurate) attention to detail and pursuit of perfection for each individual. These factors emphasize my commitment to thorough initial consultations, pre-operative instruction and post-operative care. I would be delighted to meet with you and speak with you regarding your personal purpose.