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A tummy tuck surgery also known as abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin and soothes weakened muscles to create a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. Amish Hospital offers the best tummy tuck surgery In Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Over the decade, many people had been uncomfortable with the extra layer of skin or fat deposit around their belly button. So to resolve this issue, modern science has introduced a cosmetic surgery known as a tummy tuck that enhances the abdominal appearance. During this procedure, the excess layer of the skin or the deposited fat is detached from our abdomen. It is followed by repositioning the remaining skin of our abdomen to create a thinner and toned look. Tummy tuck elevates our entire body image along with magnifying our confidence level.

    At times, you might be disappointed because your dieting and regular exercise do not yield adequate results. Even after putting in substantial efforts, there is no change in the appearance of your drooping and protruding abdomen. Such individuals might want to consider a tummy tuck.

    You might also want to consider tummy tuck when the sagging skin or extra fat deposit around your abdominal region and poor skin elasticity or weak lower abdominal tissue results from either prior surgery, ageing, weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

    Specific points to be considered while opting for a tummy tuck :

    • You must quit smoking at least six weeks before the surgery and never smoke during or after the surgery. Smoking slows down the recovery, hence making you vulnerable to certain serious complications.
    • Obese people should not go for a tummy tuck. Individuals with loose skin or extra fat in the lower abdomen are the best fit for this surgery.
    • Individuals having their internal organs surrounded by a notable amount of fats need to slim it down before going for this surgery.
    • To opt for this surgery and to bear it, you need to be physically fit.
    • You must opt for this surgery only if you are not planning any future pregnancies, as the muscles that are stiffened during this procedure will loosen again during a future pregnancy.
    • Your candidature for this surgery also depends on the internal and external marks from your previous abdominal surgery.

    Further stating, the few prerequisites for this surgery are being physically fit, optimistic and having realistic expectations. If you are a candidate for the surgery, you may contact Amish hospital for tummy tuck surgery in Vadodara.

    The tummy tuck surgery is all about removing the fats, loose abdominal muscles and further stiffening of the abdominal muscles and fascia, the connective tissue located in our core through sutures.

    The process is initiated as specific markings are made by the plastic surgeon in the abdominal region, the centre of the torso, and the repositioned navel location to indicate the exact location of incisions. Then a combination of epinephrine, a vasoconstrictor and lidocaine, local anaesthesia is injected into our abdomen. The first tummy tuck incision is made above the pubic mound, from one hip bone to another.

    In a full tummy tuck, the second incision is made around the navel region. Shorter incisions are made in a mini tummy tuck. The skin from your abdominal wall till the ribcage is loosened, and then sutures are made in the fascia of the abdominal walls to pack them together tightly. During this section of the surgery, the loose muscles are repaired.

    After repairing the muscles, the excess fat will be removed by either liposuction or any other method. Then the doctor will remove the excess skin of your abdominal region by stretching the skin until the incision while cutting out the extra skin. Though the skin around the navel had been displaced, the navel will be placed in the exact location as before. Then all the incisions are sealed using tissue glue, staples or sutures. In a full abdominoplasty, one or more drains are inserted to prevent the fluid buildup, pressuring the incisions.

    For the best results, you may consult an aesthetic and experienced plastic surgeon. A well-trained surgeon will make the surgery much more comfortable and easy. If you want to go for tummy tuck surgery in Vadodara, Amish Hospital can be a good choice for you. It is well-reputed for its cosmetic surgeries and is empanelled with some of the most experienced plastic surgeons.

    The recovery time after tummy tuck differs from individual to individual because of their different body types. Insertion of drains is the last step of surgery, followed by the application of bandages. You will then use an elastic band or compression garment to reduce swelling and provide additional support to the abdominal area during the healing process.

    You may experience stiffness, bruising and swelling during the first week of surgery. The doctor might prescribe specific medicines for these discomforts. The drains will be removed a few days later, but you will have to wear the elastic band for at least one month. Several day-to-day activities like working out, exercise, smoking and drinking must be avoided for a few days after surgery.

    You might notice some swelling during the second week after surgery, but the bruising and tightness will subside. During the second week, you may be bored and might want to return to your daily work. Before making any decision, you must consult a specialist. You can get back to some daily activities after a month, but still, vigorous tasks must be avoided.

    Your doctor will keep a proper check of your health during the recovery process, along with resolving any impending issues. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your condition and make informed decisions properly. Amish hospital has some of the finest doctors for a tummy tuck in Vadodara. If you need a tummy tuck, call us and book an appointment today!


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