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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty, may improve the shape, place or proportion of this ear. Amish Hospital offers the best ear surgery in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to correct any deformation of the ear, such as improper shape, position or proportion, is called Ear surgery or otoplasty. An ear can be deformed by birth (or develop later) or due to an accident or repeated damage (during wrestling or other combat sports). Overly large ears (macrotia) and protruding ears can be treated with otoplasty.

    Otoplasty treats distorted and out of shape ears while maintaining perfect stability, balance and proportion between ears and face, restoring a person's confidence and self-respect or "Amour Propre" as said in French. It is cosmetic surgery, so any decision to go through with it should not be influenced by someone else's opinion.

    It is crucial to note that otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery and cannot treat hearing issues.

    If you are seeking a cosmetologist to perform ear reconstruction surgery in Vadodara, visit Amish Hospital.

    Otoplasty cost in Vadodara varies depending on various factors like the procedure type and the doctor performing it. The surgery costs include:

    • Medical tests
    • Surgeon's charge
    • Anaesthesia charges
    • Hospital and surgical facility's costs
    • Surgical and post-surgical garments' costs
    • Medication charges
    • Health insurance coverage for otoplasty

    Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that your health insurance might not cover. You should always check and consult with your insurance company about your policy and choose the surgery procedure accordingly.

    We, at Amish Hospital, have one of the most competitive otoplasty ear surgery costs in Vadodara. You may schedule an appointment with us if you must undergo this cosmetic procedure.

    The candidacy for otoplasty or ear surgery depends upon the type and extent of the deformity of the ear. It also depends upon the candidate's age.

    Children can be good candidates for otoplasty or ear surgery if:

    • They are above the age of 5. A child's ear cartilage is firm and steady enough to go through a correction surgery at this age.
    • The child follows the instructions provided by the surgeon.
    • The child does not express any objection or hesitation during the talks and the actual surgery.
    • They don't suffer from a prior mortal illness or any ear infection (even minor).

    It is the parents' job to decide whether their child requires an otoplasty.

    Adults and adolescents can be good candidates for otoplasty if:

    • They are non-smokers.
    • They have a specific objective in mind regarding ear surgery.
    • They do not suffer from any prior mortal illness or a medical condition that might hamper the recovery and healing after the surgery.

    Otoplasty is cosmetic surgery. So you should only go through with it if you are doing it for yourself. You should not do it under the influence of someone else's opinion.

    Before going through the procedure, the surgeon might ask you to:

    • Get a medical diagnosis after lab tests.
    • Cease smoking well before the surgery.
    • Adjust any prior medications and start taking the necessary medicines for the procedure.
    • Steer clear of anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin as they can surge bleeding.

    The surgeon might provide instructions about:

    • The procedure steps for the day of surgery.
    • Anaesthesia during the procedure.
    • Post-surgery check-ups and follow-ups.

    Make sure you have someone with you after the surgery for at least one night that you spend at the hospital and to take you back home.

    Here are the steps followed during the ear surgery:

    • Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia is a medication injected before the surgery to desensitize a particular part of your body or induce a complete sleep.
    • Incision: In surgical techniques to correct any ear deformity like protruding ears or overly large ears, incisions are made on the back or front of the ears. These cuts are made to hide them within the folds.
    • Closing the Incisions: Incisions are closed using stitches. It is always made sure that no other structure is affected during the stitching and the ears do not look secured back or corrected.
    • Observe the Results: Unlike certain other cosmetic procedures, results from otoplasty, especially in protruding ears or oversized ears, are visible after taking off the dressing.

    The procedures mentioned above are followed in ear surgery, though they may differ in detail depending upon the type of surgery being observed. Did you know, the type of surgery also affects the ear plastic surgery costs in Vadodara? To know more about the procedure and the cost, you may call Amish Hospital.

    It is normal to experience pain around the ear for a few days or even weeks after the surgery. The pain can be moderated and alleviated by medications. As with any surgery, you may feel itchy. But prevent any urge to scratch over the bandages, affecting the corrections made during the surgery.

    Always ask the doctor every question relevant to the surgery like:

    • When will I be discharged?
    • How long do I have to keep the dressing?
    • When will the stitches be removed?
    • What are the medications for post-surgery recovery?
    • When can I resume the daily routine?
    • What is my follow-up schedule?

    For any further information regarding otoplasty, visit Amish Hospital or book an online appointment for a consultation. We have one of the best cosmetologists in Vadodara, Dr Umesh Shah.


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