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Burn treatment depends upon the location, body surface area, and burn intensity. Amish Hospital offers the best burns treatment in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Burns is considered one of the most common forms of injuries. They are observed mainly in children. The literal meaning of 'burns' is more than the sensation of burning associated with the injury. They are characterised by severe skin damage that can cause the affected cells of the skin to die.

    Generally, people can recover from burns without developing any severe complications. The conditions of the burns can vary according to the cause of the injury and the degree of the damage, and the harm caused. Severe burns require immediate attention from a health professional. If help from the doctor is not provided to the patient, then severe complications can arise, which can even lead to death.

    Amish Hospital aims at providing one of the best burn treatments in Vadodara. All patients who consult at the hospital have acknowledged their treatment and services. You may consider them for emergency and non-emergency burns.

    The healthcare professionals divide the burns by the degree of their severity. Your doctor will evaluate the degree of skin damage before prescribing any treatment.

    The burn degree includes:

    • First degree burns are considered mild, like sunburn. The topmost layer of the skin turns red and is generally painful. It does not lead to blisters.
    • Second-degree burns will affect the top layer of the skin and other lower layers of the skin. The patient may experience blistering, swelling, redness and pain.
    • Third-degree burns can affect all three layers of the skin. The layers of skin epidermis, dermis and fat are affected. The burns can also damage the sweat glands, hair follicles and other associated areas. Additionally, burns can also damage the nerve endings, so the patients will not feel the pain in the exact location but in the regions situated adjacent to it. The burned area may turn the skin red, white or black with a leathery texture.
    • Thermal burns: The burns which are caused due to exposure to external heat sources is called thermal burns. Heat exposure raises the temperature of the skin and tissues. The event causes tissue death or cell charring. Agents such as flames, steam, scalding liquids and hot meals can cause thermal burns.
    • Radiation burns: The burns that occur due to exposure to agents such as X-ray and ultraviolet rays of the sun are referred to as radiation burns.
    • Chemical burns: A chemical burn is caused when the skin and eyes contact with solvents, detergents, alkalise, and acids.
    • Electrical burns: Those burns which rise due to direct current, alternating current and electrical current are known as electrical burns.

    The location of the burn is significant. If situated in the areas involving the neck, mouth, nose, face, eyes, or ears, there is increased risk. Burns in these areas can cause inhalation injury and inflammation, and swelling, which can obstruct the respiratory tract. The damage to the airway can lead to various problems related to breathing.

    If the damage is caused to the chest due to burns or the burns progresses into the chest area, the tissue of that area will not allow movement of the chest wall. If the chest wall is slowed or inhibited, it can lead to inadequate breathing and other respiratory tract problems.
    In case circumferential burns occur in toes, fingers, legs or arms, constriction may arise in the blood vessels and may cause problems in the blood flow. If the issues of the blood flow increase, it can lead to death as well.

    Burns at the regions such as groin, face, back of the knee and palm require special attention and medical care. When the burn matures, the affected skin may be scarred and shortened, which will prevent the full range of motion of that area.

    The treatment of burns may vary depending on the severity and the cause of the injury. It would be best if you kept the area clean where the injury has occurred. Additionally, the patient should do all the proper bandaging or dressing depending on the damage to the skin. Healthcare professionals should focus on treating the pain of the patients. In case the pain is unbearable or uncontrolled, then it can interfere with the wound healing.

    You should continue to check the wounds for infection and other issues such as tightening and the scarring of the skin over the muscles and joints, which makes the movement difficult for the affected individual.

    Treatment by burn type include:

    • First degree burns:
      You should run cool water all over the wound but avoid the application of ice. In case of sunburns, you should apply aloe Vera gel on the wound. When the patient is suffering from thermal burns, the patients should try antibiotic cream and cover it with gauze. Pain controlling medications are generally advised.
    • Second-degree burns:
      The standard treatment for first degree burns and second-degree burns is similar. Your doctor will recommend using a strong antibiotic cream containing silver such as silver sulfadiazine to kill the bacteria. Elevation of the area which is burned can reduce swelling and pain.
    • Third-degree burns:
      This type of burn can be life-threatening. The treatment involves the requirements of skin grafts. The grafts of the skin can successfully replace the damaged tissue with healthy skin. The skin grafts are obtained from the uninjured parts of the person's body. The area from where the graft of the skin is obtained heals on its own. The laser treatment for burns scars cost in Vadodara is affordable compared to other cities, so patients should consider this option.

    If the graft is not easily obtained, then a medical procedure is used, and it is obtained from the donor. Treatment also involves the usage of the extra fluid. The extra fluids are given intravenously to keep the blood pressure rate at normal levels and prevent dehydration and shock. Dr Amish is focusing and is providing the best hospital for burn treatment in Vadodara. The hospital is multidisciplinary, so you will get inputs from various specialists, doctors, surgeons and healthcare professionals.


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