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Leukoderma can also be known as vitiligo, a skin disorder that causes loss of skin pigmentation (melanin), leading to skin whitening. Amish Hospital offers the best leucoderma in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Leucoderma is a skin disorder in which white spots or patches develop on the skin. The skin loses its natural colour due to leucoderma. It involves de-pigmentation of the skin marked by the localisation or destruction of the melanocytes in the body. The white spots or patches formed on the skin are very small or localised initially. As your problem develops, the size of the spots also increases progressively. The skin changes are highly noticeable at the age of 10 to 30 years. People with dark skin complexions have noticeable skin colour changes due to leucoderma and vitiligo. The white patches formation in the leucoderma is the result of complete or partial loss of skin pigmentation. It is considered a rare condition.

    There are many reasons due to which leucoderma can develop. Conditions like genetics history, autoimmune disorders and thyroid problems contribute to the development of skin disorders. The most common causes of leucoderma are ulcers, psoriasis, eczema, accidental cuts and thermal burns.

    Leucoderma can also arise from congenital abnormalities like piebaldism, Waardenburg syndrome, partial albinism and tuberous sclerosis. It can also develop due to immunological problems such as vitiligo, melanoma-associated leukoderma and Halo mole. Many underlying medical conditions can also contribute to the formation of white patches or spots on the skin.

    Medications such as EGFR inhibitors, intralesional steroid injections can also cause leucoderma. Exposure to chemicals such as butyl-phenol can trigger the development of leucoderma in the body.

    The signs and symptoms of vitiligo involve the formation of white patches or spots on the skin. Exposure to the sun can trigger the formation of white spots or patches on the skin. The white patches visible on the body are irregular with slightly red inflammations at the edges and may cause itchiness. The spots begin their development as a simple spot that is a little paler than the rest of the skin, but as the disease progresses, the spot or patch becomes paler and turns white.

    Symptoms like dryness, soreness, irritation or discomfort are generally not reported in the patients. The effects observed in people due to vitiligo can vary. Some may experience many white spots on the skin, while others can experience large but fewer patches on the skin.

    The permanent treatment options for leucoderma are not available. Doctors and health professionals developed various techniques to limit the disease. The main goal of the doctors is to improve the appearance of the affected areas. The standard treatment approach for the patients includes surgery, medications and light therapy.

    • Medications help in the pigmentation of the skin. Medical professionals generally advise the usage of topical creams. Creams are recommended to control inflammation and affect the immune system of the body.
    • Light therapy is provided to restore natural colour in the affected areas. Two different types of light therapies are used for the treatment of leucoderma. Health professionals generally use PUVA therapy and narrow-band UVB phototherapy. PUVA therapy produces better results after the treatment as compared to narrow-band UVB therapy.
    • Cosmetics such as skin tanners or makeup products are used in the areas affected by the leucoderma. For people who have minor patches on the skins, cosmetics is considered the safest option.
    • Surgery is considered for complicated cases. Pigmented skin is removed using grafting techniques. In this process, the affected skin is removed to restore the skin's natural colour due to the action of melanocytes.

    Vitiligo treatment in Vadodara is considered one of the best treatments in India because it has advanced techniques for medications and diagnosis.

    Vitiligo does not develop into any significant disease. People who are suffering from vitiligo may experience:

    • Change to vision
    • Changes in the production of tears
    • Hearing loss
    • Painful sunburn

    Patients with an autoimmune disorder such as pernicious anaemia, thyroid problems, Hashimoto's disease and Addison's disease have higher chances of developing vitiligo. Dr Amish provides leucoderma treatment in Vadodara at affordable prices. You can contact Dr Amish if you search for a doctor who can treat skin disorders in Vadodara.

    Visible skin patches can lead to social stigma, which is sometimes difficult to cope with. Patients who are dealing with it mainly develop low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. In India, vitiligo is also known as white leprosy.

    We can increase awareness about vitiligo by talking to friends, family and colleagues about it. Talking about it with the people who are already suffering from it can also help in this situation. Awareness is really important as it will help the patients cope with the disease and the problems arising due to it easily.

    Patients suffering from anxiety or depression associated with skin disorders should talk about it with their close ones or their dermatologists for help. Recommendations from your doctor or health professionals can help you find a mental health practitioner who can help you with problems related to mental health.


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