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Rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure for altering and reconstructing your nose. Amish Hospital offers the best rhinoplasty in Surat.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Rhinoplasty is the reconstruction surgery of the nose for cosmetic or medical purposes. It comes from two words: "rhino" (nose in Latin) and "plastia" (mould or form in greek). That's why it is also called a "nose job".

    The nose surgery is primarily performed to achieve better facial aesthetics by reconstructing and moulding the size, curves and proportions of the nose, nostrils and nasal tip.

    Often people are quite conscious about their facial features and overall appearance. The biggest contributing factor in the facial features is the nose. If the nose is disfigured or crooked, it might affect your appearance. So rhinoplasty helps them achieve a better look and feel for the nose.

    If you have breathing difficulty for quite a while and have tried every treatment and medication, then you may be asked to get a diagnosis for the structure of your nose. The structure might be slightly misaligned, due to which the airway might be hindered. A surgeon might be able to solve this issue by performing a rhinoplasty.

    If you are experiencing issues with your nose and must undergo nose surgery in Surat, visit your nearest doctor. Alternatively, you may consult at Amish Hospital.

    The rhinoplasty or nose surgery cost in Surat depends on several factors, a few of which are:

    • Hospital, clinic or surgical facility cost,
    • Operation and post-procedure garments,
    • Anaesthesia charges,
    • Diagnosis test charges,
    • Surgeon's costs and
    • Medicines and drug prescription costs.

    A highly significant factor in the cost of any medical procedure is your health insurance. But since rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, it might not be covered by your insurance policy. However, it is good to contact and check with your insurance provider. For any medical or cosmetic procedure, cost should not be the only factor you think of as the cost might be more due to the surgeon's expertise in the particular field.

    If you want the most affordable rhinoplasty surgery, you might want to consider Amish Hospital, as we have the best prices along with excellent doctors, staff and facilities.

    Anyone, regardless of their gender orientation, is eligible to undergo rhinoplasty. But the age in the case of boys should be over 17 years, and girls should be over 15 years. Most surgeons suggest the parents let their kids reach full maturity before deciding on any cosmetic procedure.

    An ideal candidate for the rhinoplasty procedure is an individual with:

    • Healthy physical condition.
    • An optimistic viewpoint on life. A person who is going through the procedure by their choice and not under the influence of someone else's opinion. They should also have particular requirements and goals for the procedure.
    • Full facial growth.
    • No smoking or drug habits might hinder the success of the procedure and the recovery.

    To know if you are a suitable candidate for the rhinoplasty, consider a consultation with an expert.

    There are certain preparatory instructions you should follow before any surgery or medical procedure:

    Before the procedure

    • Undergo a diagnosis test from a certified lab.
    • Part ways with your smoking habits (if any).
    • Take the prescribed medicines and moderate them with the ongoing prior medication (if any).
    • Avoid consuming anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or herbal supplements before the surgery.

    Be prepared for the bandages on the outside and packing or splint on the inside of the nose to provide a certain amount of support to the newly constructed structure after the procedure.

    The initial swelling after rhinoplasty alleviates within a few weeks of the procedure, but a complete recovery would probably take up to a year.

    After the surgery, you would feel a certain amount of bruising and puffiness on your face around the nose for several days. Still, it can be alleviated using ice and compression and, at times, pain medication (as prescribed by the doctor).

    Instructions after the surgery

    • How to take care of the operated site at home.
    • Follow-up with the surgeon for a regular check-up.
    • Ointments and oral medications for healing and recovery.

    A few questions you should ask the doctor regarding the procedure include:

    • Will there be any bandages or dressing after the surgery?
    • Do I have to stay overnight post-surgery?
    • When will the stitches and dressings be removed?
    • When do I come for a follow-up?
    • When can I resume my daily routine?

    Please listen and understand the preparatory and post-procedure instructions very carefully as they play a significant role in the success and recovery after rhinoplasty surgery.

    As with any other medical procedure, rhinoplasty has certain risks associated with it. A few of them are as follows:

    • Hematoma or bleeding,
    • Poor healing of the wound,
    • Anaesthesia complications,
    • Infections,
    • A rare hole in the nasal septum (nasal septum perforation), in which case, you might require additional surgery.

    Ensure that the doctor makes you aware of these complications before the procedure so that there are no issues afterwards.

    As a Surat resident, you will find many clinics and hospitals that offer rhinoplasty in Surat for medical and cosmetic purposes. But for the best facilities and the infrastructure that match a team of excellent doctors and staff, visit Amish Hospital.


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