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Gender reassignment surgery (GRS) refers to all surgical procedures a patient wishes to undergo in a bid to become like the opposite sex. Amish Hospital offers the best gender reassignment surgery in Vadodara.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gender Reassignment Surgery is the choice to transition people who suffer from gender dysphoria to their desired gender. The surgery goes by two names sex reassignment surgery or gender reassignment surgery. The common trait seen in patients of gender dysphoria is that they feel like their birth gender is wrong. A biological male can be inclined towards identifying himself as a female and also the other way around.

    The decision of surgery is not easy as it is the final step in the physical transformation of an individual. Before actually undergoing the procedure, your doctor might want to make a formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria. You might be asked to do a counselling session to ensure that you are fully ready for the surgical transformation. Hormone therapy is the first choice of treatment to help suppress the secondary sex characteristics of the biological gender. It will help one appear more like the desired gender than their biological sex.


    They are administered to women for the development of facial hair.


    • Administered to men to develop more feminine characteristics.
    • Before undergoing surgery, your surgeon might advise that you live as your desired gender to help you come to terms with the change. So a biological man may dress and act like a woman and even change his name to a feminine one. Similarly, women may also live like men for a year.
    • Vaginal dilators are recommended to help keep the new vagina flexible and open.
    • Males also undergo a procedure for changing the appearance of their eyes, lips, nose, and even Adam’s apple called facial feminization surgery.

    On the other hand, it is pretty expensive and complicated for women to have surgery for transitioning into men. Sometimes, penile implants are also used rather than using tissues to construct a penis.

    Post-surgery, a continued psychotherapy session is recommended for helping the patient adjust to their new bodies. Some people feel only hormone therapy satisfies their personal needs. Some are comfortable living as the opposite gender without any medical procedure. It is always better to get proper guidance from your doctor. You may want to consult, Dr Shah who performs a sex change operation in Vadodara at Amish hospital, if you want to have information or guidance regarding this surgery.

    There are a few requirements for undergoing surgery as follows-

    • The individual wanting to undergo sex reassignment surgery should be above 18 years.
    • Hormone therapy should be continued for one year maximum
    • The following disorders will need a formal diagnosis-
      • Gender identity disorder
      • Gender dysphoria
      • Depression or anxiety caused by the problem
    • Approval from a clinical or qualified psychiatrist can be helpful.

    You can further ask your doctor or surgeon if they need any additional documents or procedure to be done before undergoing your gender reassignment surgery in Vadodara or any city you are in.

    How much will it cost to undergo a sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is a complicated topic that might be problematic for the patients. As said earlier, it is not a single-step or an easy procedure to do. From top to bottom, various plastic and cosmetic processes need to be done for the whole system to be completed. Your main goal, surgeries you want or do not want to undergo, will also affect the cost of the surgery. Also, the type and number of surgeries you choose, surgeon and clinic of choice will heavily influence the price.

    But specifically, if you are based in Vadodara, you can consider visiting Dr Shah. He is one of the top surgeons in Vadodara who can guide you appropriately regarding transgender operation cost in Vadodara.

    The first step is hormone therapy

    Based on the assessment, hormone therapy will be given to you. The person who will be undergoing the male to female transition will be asked if they would be willing to make a sperm donation. If breast development is not satisfactory after the hormone therapy, breast augmentation might be an option.

    Male to Female transition surgery

    The genitalia will be reconstructed by the surgeons. They will need facial and genital hair removal, which is done during the surgery. It is vital to stretch penile skin till it reaches above the umbilicus to do vaginoplasty. In this phase, you can also do breast implants.

    • The testicles can be removed earlier to allow breast growth before the surgery. If any extra skin exists on the scrotum, it is trimmed to create labia (lips of the vagina)
    • Penis skin is removed from the penis body by making an incision on the tip. (Penile surgery)
    • Some glands of the penis have an erogenous sensation which is used to make the clitoris.
    • Space is made between the urethra and rectum, and inside out turned skin is inserted there. The urethra is shortened and adjusted to its new position using the stitches.
    • For vaginal reconstruction, the erectile tissue of the penis is not required; hence it is discarded.

    Female to Male transition surgery

    Mastectomy: The most crucial part of this surgery is the removal of the breast tissue. In case a penis is required, then there are the following two options-

    • A surgeon can use tissue from the forearm to make a penis, but it can leave a big scar on the skin.
    • The clitoris can be converted into a penis using metoidioplasty. It will appear like one but will be too small to have sex with.

    The procedure you undergo and other treatment will effectively decide the cost. You can consider visiting Amish Hospital for details on gender reassignment surgery cost in Vadodara.


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