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We have joined hands with Burn Healing Foundation for free post burn operation for poor & needy. Call 99748 07544 for more info.

What lifestyle changes may be needed to treat hair loss?

Hair fall can be stressful at times, affecting both men and women. So thinking of keeping yourself as far away from it as possible is natural. Unfortunately, hair fall follows a vicious cycle. That is especially true when falling hair may make you stressed, and increased stress levels can cause more hair fall. Additionally, decreasing hair growth and receding hairline can overwhelm you. However, you may contact a hair doctor or hair clinic to solve this problem.

Various hair fall treatments can control falling hair. Moreover, you may tweak your lifestyle to get better results. Lifestyle changes that may create a difference include:

  • Eating healthier diet
    You may be able to slow down the hair loss process with the help of healthy dietary habits. Including more iron and protein in your diet can be an excellent hair fall solution. Moreover, when you eat more nuts and seeds, fish, meat, berries, and leafy vegetables, you support hair growth. When the hair growth is more than hair fall, you may observe an improvement in receding hairline. Your hair doctors may suggest adding multivitamin supplements and beta-carotene to your diet, in addition to avoiding junk and oily foods (due to their damaging effects on your hair).
  • Exercise
    You may be able to increase blood flow to the hair shaft through exercising, thereby supporting hair regrowth. If your hair gets enough oxygen and blood, hair grows stronger. You may also try yoga and meditation for increasing blood flow to the hair to reduce hair fall.
  • Shampoo
    You must be careful while choosing your shampoo. Selecting your shampoo according to your scalp and hair type would be helpful. For example, if you have dry hair, overwashing can increase hair fall. In addition, if you have oily hair, you must try to wash them at least twice a week to reduce hair fall. Excess sebum production may result in a receding hairline. You can shampoo your hair properly for hair fall control.

    Also, ensure that your shampoo does not contain chemical ingredients. For example, specific components like sulphate, paraben, and silicon may make your hair fall worse.

  • Conditioner
    For the best hair care, you must not skip a conditioner after hair wash. Some hair care experts believe that reverse conditioning provides a better result in managing damaged hair. As conditioning products contain amino acids, you may use them to nourish your locks and keep them tangle-free. In addition, hair conditioners act as an effective solution to your hair fall issues.
  • Chemical treatments
    If you like styling your hair, you may have tried chemical treatments on your hair. However, straightening, perming, colouring, and using different harsh products on your hair can cause hair damage. Moreover, blow dryers and curlers on wet hair can also cause damage. When you use these styling tools on damp hair, they boil the water in your hair shaft, making them brittle. If you must use a hairdryer, you can set it on the lowest heat setting. Moreover, you may use a hair protective spray or leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from falling.
  • Regular trims
    Growing your hair beyond a certain point may make it brittle at the end. So it is essential to trim your hair after every six to eight weeks. Damaged hair looks like straw, and you may have to chop them to promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss.
  • Stress
    Stress is known to be among the leading causes of hair loss and other health problems. Moreover, it may cause premature greying and baldness. So it is essential to eliminate stress from your life. You may try yoga and other stress buster techniques to prevent hair fall.

Almost everyone is vulnerable to hair loss during their lifetime. However, they have different hair loss patterns. For example, women face diffuse pattern hair loss, while men usually have male pattern baldness. Fortunately, you may control hair loss by considering the points mentioned above.

Hair loss has emerged as an everyday problem. You may see balding and excessive hair falls among many men and women. Moreover, daily stress also contributes to hair fall. So the best way to manage excessive hair fall is to reduce stress and eat healthily. Furthermore, you must stay hydrated to nourish your hair shaft. In addition, hair loss in women and men may hamper their self-confidence. So if you do not wish to lose your confidence, it would be best to retain hair on your scalp.

If you are looking to find more ways to nourish your hair shaft and reduce hair damage, you may contact Amish Hospital. We are one of the best clinics for hair treatments in India, providing solutions for all kinds of hair issues. Our staff possess the proper knowledge, training and experience to carry on aesthetic developments. Our experts can also help you take care of the hormonal changes and other underlying health conditions that often cause hair problems while also providing you with potential remedies and treatments.

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