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We have joined hands with Burn Healing Foundation for free post burn operation for poor & needy. Call 99748 07544 for more info.

Various options and modalities in the Treatment of Acne (pimple) scars

How do dermatologists treat acne scars?

Scars and cuts on your body can lower your self-confidence. However, you can treat blemishes, including acne scarring, with the proper treatment. If you and your dermatologist are on the same page, they may care for your concerns by developing a treatment plan tailored to your needs. While developing your acne scar removal plan, your dermatologist will care for many factors, including scar types and the body part affected by these scars.

Many times, you may have to undergo more than one treatment to get the best results. For example, suppose you have a deep boxcar scar, then you may require laser therapy and subcision. However, your dermatologist relies upon in-depth medical knowledge to determine the best treatment plans for acne scar removal.

Depressed acne scars: Many effective treatments

Your dermatologist may recommend more than one treatment to provide you with the best acne scarring treatment. The treatment options for acne marks include:

Acne scar surgery
It is used to treat noticeable acne scars. Dermatologists aim to reduce the appearance of the scars with this procedure. The remaining scar would fade with time. A dermatologist may break the scarred tissue to reduce noticeable acne scars. Moreover, they may lift and bring the scar close to the skin surface. It is one of the best treatments for acne scars spread across your skin. In addition, you may undergo laser treatment for acne scars.

Resurfacing procedure
If you want to reduce the appearance of widespread acne scars, you may undergo resurfacing procedures. It removes the top layer of the skin and helps your body produce new skin cells. Resurfacing procedures involve various methods, including:

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Chemical peeling
  • Dermabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion

The laser treatment for acne scars effectively treats flat acne scars. You can visit Amish Hospital to get the best treatment for acne scars.

If you have depressed acne scars, you may use fillers to plump the areas with acne scarring. The acne scars may be filled with collagen, body fat, and other substances. You may consider temporary or permanent fillers for your treatment. However, the temporary fillers may last between 6-18 months. You may ask about the difference and pros and cons of temporary and permanent fillers with your dermatologist. Fillers are effective to treat acne scarring and depressed acne marks. However, understanding the types of acne scars is vital before proceeding with this treatment.

Skin tightening
It is a new method to treat acne scarring. Moreover, it suits every skin tone and works on different types of acne scars. Dermatologists use radiofrequency to tighten the skin pores and reduce the visibility of scars. However, this treatment requires repeat appointments, and you may feel a burning sensation after the treatment. Moreover, your skin may appear pink for two to three days.

Skin tightening requires at-home care. You must apply sunscreen to your skin every morning. In addition, you must invest in a good quality moisturizer and use it on your skin every night. The treatment best suits depressed acne scars, deep icepicks, and boxcar acne scarring.

Collagen-induction therapy
Collagen-induction therapy is also known as micro-needling. The treatment aims to improve collagen production in your body. A dermatologist uses a sterile, handheld needle-studded roller across the depressed acne scar. When the roller is used on the skin, it leads to punctures. Then your skin enters the healing side and produces collagen during the recovery process. It is an effective way to treat acne scarring. However, you will see the results after nine months. Some people may observe a difference in their skin condition before nine months.

You may require between three and six treatments and return every two to six weeks for a cure. Collagen-induced therapy is considered one of the best treatments for acne scars. Moreover, it works on almost every types of acne scars. You may get bruises and swelling on your skin after the treatment. However, these side effects may reduce in four to five days. Your dermatologist will suggest a skincare plan to minimize the side effects. Collagen is a safe therapy for people of every skin tone. However, it is best suited to treat widespread depressed acne scars.

A dermatologist uses electric probes to heat the scarred tissues in this acne marks treatment. As a result, this technique leads to the death of the tissue. Electrodesiccation could be a part of boxcar scar treatment. However, it must be combined with other treatment plans to give you the best results. When used alone, electrodesiccation cannot provide effective results. It is best suited to reduce the edges of boxcar scars.

How to treat acne scarring? First, book your appointment at Amish Hospital to make your skin scar-free. Moreover, you may undergo laser acne scar removal methods in our clinic for best results.

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