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We have joined hands with Burn Healing Foundation for free post burn operation for poor & needy. Call 99748 07544 for more info.

Everything You Need To Know About Gynecomastia ( Man Boobs /Breast)

Man boobs/breast is a medical condition called gynecomastia. Men do have undeveloped breasts and milk ducts. Their breast tissue does not develop due to high testosterone levels. It leads to swollen and tender breasts in men. It happens due to a rise in estrogen hormone in the body. Many people find it challenging to find the answer to what causes moobs or the reason for man boobs

Many men accumulate excess fat on their chest. Losing excess fat and gaining muscles may help you to get rid of man boobs. In some cases, it even requires medications and surgical help to reduce man boobs.

Suppose you see any change in your body and around your chest region. In that case, you should consult a gynecomastia specialist at the Amish hospital for enquiry about the various treatments and medications for man boobs. They may also help you understand the gynecomastia cost and give details regarding the benefits of undergoing plastic surgery for man boobs.

What are the causes for man boobs?

Gynecomastia is common in infants, teenagers, and older people above 50 years of age. In infants, the estrogen level from the mother may cause gynecomastia. The change in the hormonal level in young men and teenagers causes man boobs.

The reasons for man boobs include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Use of medicine that blocks testosterone
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Use of tea tree and lavender oils
  • Taking anti-ulcers and psychiatric medications
  • Tumours, kidney and liver diseases
  • Overactive thyroid and excessive body fat

A healthy lifestyle and inclusion of physical exercises in daily routine may help in moobs treatment.

How to get rid of man boobs?

The information given below may help you find the answer to the question ‘How to get rid of man boobs?’

  • Proper diet
    A balanced and calorie deficient diet may help in reducing your weight. While eating, it isn’t easy to measure the exact amount of calories we intake in each meal. The apps may help you monitor your intake and notify you in case of excess calorie intake.
  • Strength training / bodyweight training can help to reduce man boobs as losing
    Excess fat and gaining muscles may help you to get rid of man boobs in some cases.
    You might be struggling to find the answer to “How to reduce man boobs?” The points mentioned above may help you in getting the answer to your question. You may even search for gynecomastia treatment costs and see the available options.

What Are The Treatment Options For Gynecomastia (man boobs)?

Gynecomastia generally gets treated by surgery. But if you need medication for man breast reduction, you should consult a plastic surgeon, who is a gynecomastia specialist.

The options for how to reduce man boobs include:

  • Medications
    Medicines like tamoxifen may help in reducing breast pain and enlargement in men. Another medicine, aromatase inhibitors, can help in male boobs treatment. If your medical condition does not improve and you feel pain and tenderness in your chest region, surgical treatment is necessary. The gynecomastia treatment cost depends on various factors.
  • Operation for gynaecomastia – Liposuction with or without excision
    The advanced liposuction technology can help in reducing the growing cases of gynecomastia in men. The development of less invasive techniques has helped in curing man boobs. The expertise and skill of your cosmetic surgeon help in the treatment of gynecomastia. The gynecomastia operation cost depends on the skills of the surgeon and the technology used in the treatment.

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon who is trained in carrying out the gynecomastia procedure provides better results. The liposuction procedure is carried out by using local anaesthesia to soothe and calm the patient. Small incisions are created on both sides of the chest to carry out the treatment. The surgeon usually makes the incision on the edge of the areola or within your armpit. The excess fat is removed from the skin by making incisions.

Excision techniques are recommended where glandular breast tissue or surplus skin has to be removed to fix gynecomastia. Excision is also required if the areola will be reduced or the nipple is going to be repositioned into a more natural male contour. Incision patterns vary based upon the particular requirements and surgical preference.
The procedure described above specifically mentions the options for ‘How to get rid of man boobs?’ The gynecomastia cost and treatment highly depends on your surgeon and their skills.

If anything makes you sceptical about getting gynecomastia and you want to clear your queries on the reason for man boobs and how to get rid of man boobs, cost for gynaecomastia surgery you may contact Dr Umesh Shah of Amish Hospital. Dr Shah, a renowned Senior cosmetologist may help you answer the question ‘how to get rid of man boobs?’

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