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Micro-Dermabrasion ( French Peel )

Micro-dermabrasion is a quick, non-invasive treatment used to resurface the skin. This is relatively new procedure This uses a high pressure stream of aluminium hydroxide pellets to micro abrade the skin at the same time using vacuum to induce hyperemia, which encourages skin tissue to regenerate as well as making it possible to suck off the crystals.

The technique exfoliates and gently resurfaces the skin, giving you new smoother, clearer skin. It's usually done to the face and neck and back but can be performed on most of the body. The great advantage of this over conventional dermabrasion is- no anesthesia requirement, immediately after the therapy the patient can walk out with a topical cream.

The results are similar to a very light chemical peel with minimal discomfort and practically no recovery time.

Micro-dermabrasion is good with acne prone or blotchy(Spotty) skin, and small scars. If you have sun damage or an uneven complexion, then you are a good candidate too.

The treatment lasts from 10 to 30 minutes, and before leaving the clinic protection products - toner, moisturizer and sunscreen - are applied to your skin.

A typical course is 4 to 6 treatments at 2 week intervals. How many you need depends on your skin problem.

A course of Micro-dermabrasion can help reduce the look of fine lines and superficial wrinkles remove thickened skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Micro-dermabrasion can also reduce the appearance of open pores and eliminate white and black heads. It's not so good with raised or deeply pitted skin areas, acne scarring, or pigmented skin.

If your skin problems are minor then you should consider micro-dermabrasion as it is a useful procedure. The effects however are similar to that of a light chemical peel, and a chemical peel should always be considered in combination.

In the past conventional Dermabrasion was a procedure in which a high-speed rotary wheel, similar to fine-grained sandpaper, is used to abrade the skin. It may be recommended when there is extensive sun damage and heavy skin wrinkling. In addition, dermabrasion can be used to improve the texture of pockmarked skin resulting from severe acne or chicken pox.