10 Best Foods For Healthy Skin

Stop! Look at your plate and monitor your diet. Are you consuming anything unhealthy? If you are, then your unhealthy diet can impact your skin and overall health. If you wish to get clear and blemish-free skin, select the best food for your skin. Apart from taking healthy food for healthy skin, you need to … Read more

Seven Ways Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Life

World Plastic Surgery Day- 15th July, India’s gift to the world by Shri Maharshi Shushrut. A surgical procedure in the field of medicine performed to improve the looks or functions of a particular part of the body through moulding is called Plastic surgery. The word plastic originates from the Greek word plastike, which means “the … Read more

Types Of Acne Scars/ Pimples

A dermatosis condition in which dead epidermal cells, along with oil, plug the hair follicles, resulting in various types of face scars, is called acne. There can be different kinds of acne scars, from mild or moderate to severe. The symptoms of acne are: Whiteheads Blackheads Crusting and flaking skin bumps Papules and pustules (small … Read more

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