Vaser Liposuction Recovery Pros and Cons – Everything You Need to Know

Vaser liposuction is without any doubt the most common body-shaping and fat-removal technique done today. The procedure is known to have effective outcomes, which is why many people want to invest in Vaser liposuction. However, like any other technique, it has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will discuss the Vaser liposuction pros … Read more

Top 9 facts about liposuction

Medical science has infused technology in the treatment process, and technological advancement is the key to treating several health issues. For example, technological advancements have fast-tracked the process of plastic surgery, and liposuction has emerged as a frequently performed operation. Most people know about the basics of the surgery; however, they may be missing interesting … Read more

Differences between vaser and routine liposuction

Liposuction is a great way to lose excess fat and get a toned body. There are two significant categories of liposuction, routine liposuction and Vaser liposuction. Before we discuss which technique is suitable for you, let us discuss them in detail. Routine liposuction Routine liposuction has been providing effective results since 1974. It was developed … Read more

Tips To Reduce Hair Fall In Men

Hair loss is a common problem that affects most men and women. Although it is natural to lose up to 100 hair strands daily, it is a matter of concern if you have severe hair fall. Dust, pollution, sun exposure, and other environmental factors are the main causes of hair fall. Male pattern baldness is … Read more

Non-Surgical Face Lift: Reverse Facial Ageing

Do you want to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, or sagging skin? You are not the only one who feels this way. Millions of individuals choose minimally invasive or non surgical face lifts to improve their skin’s look each year. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments increased by 2% in women overall. It is unsurprising that … Read more

Active Acne & Scars Of Acne

Everyone wants clear and healthy skin. But sometimes, certain medical conditions, personal hygiene or dietary changes might inflict acne. Breakouts or active acne can be quite annoying and embarrassing, but the scars of acne could be hellish. There is a silver lining, though. You can treat almost all of these scars at home or via … Read more

Want a Defence Against The Third COVID Wave? Here’s What You Can Do.

Covid-19 has brought everything to a standstill. It is a disease caused by the contraction of coronavirus that affects your respiratory system. Moreover, you may experience fever, body pain, and flu-like symptoms. The typical recovery is about two weeks after the virus attacks your body. However, older people and the ones suffering from diabetes, heart … Read more

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