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We have joined hands with Burn Healing Foundation for free post burn operation for poor & needy. Call 99748 07544 for more info.

10 Best Foods For Healthy Skin

Stop! Look at your plate and monitor your diet. Are you consuming anything unhealthy? If you are, then your unhealthy diet can impact your skin and overall health. If you wish to get clear and blemish-free skin, select the best food for your skin. Apart from taking healthy food for healthy skin, you need to stop having foods that deteriorate your skin quality. There are a few foods to avoid for healthy skin. We will help you know what your food intake should be to make your skin glow.

Here is a list of food for healthy skin.

Ten things to eat for good skin!

  • Tomatoes, loaded with essential nutrients for healthy skin.
    Tomatoes contain vitamin C, lycopene, lutein, and beta-carotene. All these compounds help prevent skin damages. Tomato is an excellent food for healthy skin. It can prevent premature skin ageing by maintaining skin hydration and elasticity. You can have tomatoes with cheese and olive oil to increase carotenoids absorption. It is on the list of foods that are good for your skin.
    Processed foods and white sugar can hamper your skin. In addition, the preservatives in packaged food can impact your health and skin. Preservative infused foods are among the few foods to avoid for healthy skin.
  • Nuts and seeds, a diet for healthy and glowing skin
    Nuts and seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds, peanuts, sunflower feeds etc., are high in healthy fats. These are enriched with vitamin E, which is best to build collagen and fight free radicals. You must include nutrients enriched with nuts and seeds in your diet for healthy and glowing skin.
    Sunflower seeds are high in zinc, vitamin E, and protein content. Including them in your healthy skin diet plan can improve your overall skin quality. Sunflower seeds lower skin inflammation, and hence you must include this good food for healthy skin in your daily diet.
  • Sweet potatoes and carrots, foods that are good for your skin.
    Sweet potatoes and carrots contain a high dose of beta-carotene that is converted into vitamin A inside our bodies. Therefore, having sweet potatoes and carrots can prevent sunburn and wrinkled skin. These are the best foods to eat for healthy skin, as they also prevent the cells from getting dry.
    All orange-hued fruits contain beta-carotene. Mangoes, pumpkins, apricots, and papayas are some of the top foods for healthy skin. To develop a healthy diet for glowing skin, you must consider including orange-hued fruits along with carrots and sweet potatoes in your diet.
  • Green tea, one of the best drinks for healthy skin.
    Green tea contains antioxidants that protect your skin from sun damage. It also contains catechins that ensure the oxygen supply in the skin. It has been proved that green tea effectively reduces skin redness, improves moisture levels, and increases skin thickness and elasticity. In addition, it is one of the foods that improve skin roughness and repair damaged DNA.
    Green tea controls excess oil production and thus prevents acne. Taking it between meals can prove beneficial for your skin health. It is one of the healthiest drinks for healthy skin. If you want oil and acne-free skin, include green tea in your diet for healthy skin.
  • Green leafy vegetables, the top food for healthy skin.
    Green vegetables are an excellent food for healthy and glowing skin. These are incredible for your body and skin. The green pigments are rich in antioxidants that fight the free radicals in your body. It prevents the skin from getting damaged. If you include green vegetables in your daily diet, you are less likely to develop skin cancer.
    Green veggies are the best foods for healthy skin. They contain vitamin K that prevents under-eye dark circles, and improves blood circulation. Therefore, you must include greens in your diet for healthy skin.
  • Ash Gourd
    The smoothing or emollient Vitamin E, which also possesses antioxidant effects, is naturally present in ash gourd. It is a blissful food for healthy and glowing skin. When applied to sunburns and rashes, the vegetable’s gel extract soothes and moisturises the skin’s irritated and dry areas, leaving it smooth and supple. However, Ash Gourd is among the top vegetables for healthy skin.

Astringent properties are found in the ash gourd leaf residue. It aids in the neutralisation of the skin’s severely inflamed areas. It also effectively decreases any abscesses, boils, pus, or carbuncles on skin regions caused by allergies, fungal infections, pollution, or UV radiation. It is one of the vegetables good for the skin and may enhance the Vitamin E in the body. So you may include it in your everyday diet for healthy skin.

Did You Know?

Meat contains a lot of protein. However, it is crucial to remember that just a few grams of protein are necessary for our daily diet and that too much protein can lead to cancer and other health problems. Nuts, fruits, sprouted gram plant foods, and dry fruits are excellent sources of protein. The consumption of mixed nuts also lowers the risk of heart disease.

  • Soy, a completely healthy diet for glowing skin.
    Soy contains isoflavones which are beneficial for our body and skin. It protects the body and skin from UV radiation and may reduce the risk of skin cancer. A study was conducted on middle-aged women to study the impact of soy isoflavones on their bodies. It was found that including soy isoflavones in your daily diet for 8-12 weeks can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, it enhances skin elasticity by increasing collagen production. It is one of the best foods to eat for healthy skin.
    It was also found that postmenopausal women who included soy in their diet experienced reduced skin dryness, and their skin was smooth. It protects the skin from getting damaged. Soy is extremely good food for healthy skin and a ‘must’ in your diet.
  • Sunflower seeds, include them in a healthy skin diet plan.
    Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Including 28 grams of sunflower seeds in your daily diet can provide you with 5.5 grams of protein, 14% of zinc, 41% of the daily value for selenium and 49% of the daily value of vitamin E. You can spread it over your smoothies or yoghurt and have it. Sunflower seeds provide necessary nutrients for healthy skin. It is among the best foods for healthy skin.
  • Red or yellow bell peppers, foods that improve skin.
    Bell peppers are loaded with beta carotene, and our body converts beta carotene into vitamin A. These are also infused with vitamin C, which creates protein collagen in our body. It is needed to maintain skin elasticity and fitness.
    One cup of red bell pepper can provide 156% of the daily value for vitamin A, and a cup of yellow bell pepper provides 211% of the daily value for vitamin C. Bell peppers are a great source of vitamins, and you must have these vegetables for healthy skin. Include vitamin C in your diet and reduce wrinkles and dry skin when you age.
  • Citrus acts as breakfast for healthy skin.
    Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, limes, tangerines etc., are infused with the goodness of vitamin C and are considered to be the best fruits for healthy skin. Including them in your diet can improve your complexion, remove dark spots, and calm inflammation. You can make fruit juices and have them for breakfast.
    It is essential to adopt a healthy skin diet plan to maintain your skin texture and quality, and there are some foods to avoid for healthy skin as well. It is crucial to eliminate some foods from your diet. You can cut down your caffeine and sugar intake to maintain your skin health. You must eat vegetables good for the skin.
    Making minor lifestyle and food habit changes can keep your skin young for a long time. You must select suitable fruits, nuts, seeds, drinks, and vegetables good for the skin. Remember, you must have a nourished and healthy diet for glowing skin.
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