The term Rhytidectomy is denied from the Latin word, Rhytid, which means wrinkle, and Ectomy, which means removal of thus. Rhytidectoy is the removal of wrinkles. These wrinkles can be related to age, hereditary or environmental factors. Not everyone ages at the same rate. A great deal of the aging process relates to your tissues and what you do to care for them.

Like any surgical procedure, operative incisions and surgical stitching is required contrary to popular belief and despite some newspaper and magazine articles this is not as simple as having your hair set or a facial. Also, contrary to some non-medical reports it is not possible to remove all the folds and eliminate all the wrinkles of the face, regardless of the treatment supplied. Your Plastic Surgeon will only remove the skin of the face that can be done safely and suitable for your particular. It takes approximately three hour or longer when combined with other procedures, such as eyelids, neck etc. The patient returns home after the surgical procedure after a period of recovery. When the operation performed in the hospital, the average stay is two days.

Local anesthesia, with or without additional sedation to relax the patient will be used.

The patient can expect some swelling of the face and eyelids and some discoloration is common with any type of facial surgery. This is usually most notable in the second and third days and diminishes in approximately tweklar facial contour. The face lift procedure is directed forwards improvement and cannot in any way guarantee that each and every wrinkle and told of the skin moved. The type of skin and age of the patient are important factors in the final result.

The most common question in regard to a face-lift is how long wills it fast. This is impossible to state, as there are many factors involved - the amount of skin removed, age and general condition of the patient type of skin as well as its condition and texture, amount of previous sun and wind exposure as well as healing ability. Skin aging continues after his operation, even though the excess skin and wrinkles have been removed. On rare occasions, a minor secondary procedure may be advisable. The operation does not stop the aging process.

Usually it reuires one day's stay in the hospital. For this surgery, it takes approximately 45 minutes.

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