Leucoderma is one type of disease but in our Indian Society it is consider as a social taboo. When medical line of treatment fails or drugs treatment stops response, cosmetic surgery comes in. It is useful for all stationary (No increase in size for last six months) lesion, may be due to trauma, burns or allergy. There is no need for sun exposure or dietary restriction.

Operation is done under local or general anesthesia depends upon size of lesion. Disease skin is removed with dermatome or by dermabrasion and wound is covered with very thin graft taken from thigh / Arm or gluted region. Non adherent dressing is applied and wound is open on 5 - 7 days interval.

Proper immobilization is done, patient may require staying for 1 - 10 days, depending upon area treated, (legs and foot require more stay). Result is instaneous.

Erbium laser is used by us for removed of super final layer of lesion, which is very useful for site like face, eyelids, ear, nose, lips.

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