There are many types of injection based treatments that are designed to reduce fat deposits. Some are fat dissolving injections that offer spot fat reduction to treat localized deposits of fat for body sculpting purposes. Others are designed for overall fat reduction to assist patients in achieving their weight loss goals. The effectiveness and risks involved with these fat dissolving injections depend on the particular formulas used and the specific purposes for which they are designed.

This isn’t so much a fat dissolving injection because it does not directly impact the fatty tissue around the body. Instead it is used to deliver high concentrations of lipotropic compounds that assist liver and kidney function in transporting fat and removing toxins from the body. The vitamins and enzymes in these lipo shots also increase the body’s metabolism for increased fat burning and for higher energy levels which complements nicely for patients trying to lose weight with a low calorie diet.

Lipodissolve is offered by major medical spas across the United States as a way to get rid of fat without surgery. The formula is injected directly into the fatty layer under the skin where the fat reduction is desired. The result is a breakdown of fat cells which the body can pick up and eliminate through urine along with other toxins and body waste products. It is a controversial treatment due to unsupported claims made by several major spas which prompted FDA warnings about Lipodissolve to consumers.

This treatment is a medical specialty that has been used over 50 years to treat a variety of medical ailments. For the purpose of spot fat reduction, this fat dissolving injection uses a formula composed of proteins, enzymes and vitamins that sit in under the deep layer of the skin as it is slowly absorbed into the fatty tissue. The injected solution causes the fat cells to release fat which is metabolized by the body. The advantages that Mesotherapy offers over other fat dissolving injections is the small volume that is used in the injection for less painful, safer and slower results.

Surgilift Plus is an injection that uses hydraulic acid. It is more commonly used as a skin treatment for tightening and toning but is also used to dissolve fat in small areas like those around the hands, neck and breasts. The injection is performed with a puncture technique using a tool that looks something similar to a piercing gun.

The final fat dissolving injection is Lipotherapy which is a modified technique from traditional Mesotherapy. It is used on areas of the body ranging from facial regions to love handles to buttocks. The injection goes straight into the fat where it is absorbed and emulsifies the fat so it can be flushed by the body.

Many of these fat dissolving injections require multiple treatments that can range from several days to weeks apart. A treatment like Mesotherapy might require 10 sessions for an area to be completed but most patients will agree that the results and increased precision is worth the hassle. If you are interested in any of these injections to help your body contouring or weight loss goals consult with a service provider in your area for more information.

Lipotherapy is a non surgical fat reduction treatment that uses an injection to dissolve fat and can take inches off your body. It is best for small areas such as parts of the face and can reduce a double chin, tighten skin around the eyes, nose and mouth. Lipotherapy can also produce similar results to liposuction without surgery in areas around the stomach, waist hips and is an effective solution for fat in the arms, buttocks and love handles. Anyone in relative good health but want to eliminate small pockets of stubborn fat will benefit from this treatment. It costs less than liposuction and is safer than any surgical procedure.

Lipotherapy Fat Reduction without Surgery

This non surgical liposuction treatment uses a needle to inject a solution containing Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and sodium deoxycholate (DC) directly into the area where the fat reduction is desired. The two compounds work together to break up fat cells causing the fat to liquefy in the body. This fat is then picked up naturally by the body and eliminated through the urine as the body cleanses other waste and toxins. It can take up to a month for all the fat to be cleansed from the body.

The number of injection treatments depends on the amount of fat to be removed in any given area and how well the individual reacts to the injections. Multiple treatments are spaced two weeks apart with a maximum of five treatments for one area of the body. The injection will continue to break down body fat for up to six months and if the final results are not attained after six months it is possible to repeat another round of treatment. Most patients complete their Lipotherapy treatment in the first round of treatments and rarely require additional treatment after six months.

Side effects include itching or burning sensations in the treatment area which usually lasts around twenty minutes after the injection. These sensations are the immediate effects of the injection solution working against the fatty tissue. Some swelling has also been reported but is rare and usually very mild.

Who Is Eligible For Lipotherapy?

To be an eligible candidate for the non surgical Lipotherapy treatment the patient must be at least 18 years of age with a body mass index under 30. It is not a weight loss solution and the patient must be willing to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to keep the weight off. It is not for someone with an ongoing medical condition such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart problems, severe hypertension or HIV. Anyone on medication should tell their physician before undergoing this liposuction alternative and it is not for patient currently taking blood thinning medication. It is also important for the patient to have realistic expectations from this and any other cosmetic enhancement procedures.

What Does Lipotherapy Cost?

The cost of Lipotherapy’s lipo injection will depend on the area of the body as well as the amount of fat to be treated. Other cost factors include the physician’s fee for their service and the geographical location of the clinic. Lipotherapy is a less expensive way to get similar results of liposuction without surgery and by eliminating the need for anesthesia and an operating room, the patient will not be billed for anesthesia administration or a facility charge. Anyone considering Lipotherapy non surgical liposuction should consult a certified physician for an individual evaluation and a price estimate.

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive way to eliminate localized pockets of body fat using a needle injection. The procedure itself is considered a medical specialty and is used for many other purposes beyond body contouring such as treating injuries and various medical conditions. Today it is used for all these purposes as well as for fat reduction, body sculpting, cellulite reduction and skin toning.

It was originally developed in France and the technique has been used for over 50 years with little or no serious side effects. Mesotherapy as an injection for body shaping is more popular in Europe and parts of South America but is also making headway in the United States against more aggressive non surgical liposuction injection including Lipodissolve.

How It Works

The injection is actually only a tiny drop of a solution composed of enzymes, proteins and medicines. The solution is not injected directly into the fatty tissue but into the space just below the deep layer of the skin where the solution sits as it is slowly absorbed into the fatty or subcutaneous layer. As it comes into contact with the fat cells, it causes the membrane to open and release stored fat. The released fatty substance is then picked up and removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system.

Since it takes time for the injected solution to go into effect, the results can take a few weeks to show but this small dosage and slow absorption rate has its benefits. It causes much less trauma for the area of the body being treated and minimizes any potential side effects.

Risks and Side Effects

Liposuction comes with all the risks and preparation required of any surgical procedure. The great thing about this alternative method of fat reduction is the ability to avoid such potential for complications. Mesotherapy is also one of the safest non surgical liposuction alternatives compared to other injection systems like Lipodissolve. The dosage is higher and the effect is more immediate with Lipodissolve but the increased ambition of the treatment also makes Lipodissolve a more risky treatment.

There is the potential for serious problems with any lipo injection treatment arising from unforeseen allergic reactions. That is why patients are put through lab tests before beginning any type of treatment to test for compatibility with the injection solution. More common Mesotherapy side effects are temporary and mild in severity.

Mesotherapy Cost

There are several factors that influence the cost of Mesotherapy which explains why the variance between different procedures can be so great The number of sessions required will depend on the amount of fat being treated. Typically it comes down to the size or specific demands of the area of the body being treated. Facial regions such as the chin will obviously cost a lot less than larger areas such as the back or thighs.

Other factors include the level of experience and certifications held by the physician performing the treatment. While it may sound like just an injection, there are preliminary examinations required to determine the precise solution required to treat the each individual case. Also, the location of the clinic will impact the cost as what the clinic can charge is directly related to the demands of the regional cosmetic surgery market.


Anyone considering this type of treatment is advised to consult with their physician or plastic surgeon to determine whether this is the best option. Discussing you goals and expectations can help both parties understand each other and create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The cost of Mesotherapy also varies between different service providers so it is a good idea to speak to several clinics and get estimates if you want to shop around. It is important to fully understand what goes into the fees and charges and that is another way the consultation session can help in a major way.

Lipodissolve is a popular non surgical liposuction alternative in North America because it offers many benefits including instant fat reduction while curbing the risk as well as the cost of liposuction surgery or other body contouring procedures. It uses a chemical injection technique to remove small amounts of fat from particular regions of the body.

Lipodissolve injection is used to remove fat from various parts of the body. The most common areas are the arms, legs, belly, and face or chin. It is an effective and very low risk solution for many people who want to sculpt a very particular part of their body without having to go through a full surgical procedure. The chemical that is injected into the area breaks down the fat by forcing the fat molecules apart from each other. This breakdown liquefies the fat which is then removed by the body’s natural cleansing system.

Lipodissolve Risks

One of the greatest advantages that Lipodissolve offers is that it liberates patients from the common risks that are associated with other surgical procedures like liposuction. Although serious complications are rare, there is the risk of unpredictable side effects when the treatment is crossed with pre-existing health conditions such as various cancers or diabetes. In very rare cases, some patients might experience various degrees of allergic reactions to the solution.

Much less serious side effects include lumps, bruises, or tenderness to the treated area. These may be caused by different factors and how the skin reacts to the injection but are often mild and will go away with time. The only problem is that if these side effects are present then it will slow down the recovery process.

The relatively quick recovery time from Lipodissolve treatment is one of the greatest benefits of Lipodissolve injections and is one reason why it is popular among people with busy schedules. Most patients are able to return to their normal day to day activities after just a day of rest barring any excessively physically demanding activity.

However, an FDA warning about Lipodissolve has been issued regarding the safety and validity of some claims made by the major medical spas that offer Lipodissolve.

Lipodissolve Costs

Another advantage to this option of instant fat removal is the economical and affordable nature of being a small scale treatment. Lipodissolve costs are often much less than any type of liposuction, tuck, or lift that would otherwise be used to produce nearly the same results. Pound for pound it is one of the best deals considering its cost effectiveness. While it can be hard to offer any accurate cost estimate and it is highly recommended that anyone considering Lipodissolve consult a certified physician, listed below are the average costs of Lipodissolve per treatment area.

Treatment Area Average Cost

Keep in mind that these are averages and are solely for illustration purposes. Actual cost will vary greatly from individual to individual.

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