Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmetic Surgery (FAQs)

Q: Is "Cosmetic Surgery" a costly affair ?

A: Well, No. Not at least in India. It is provided at very reasonable charges. It would be only one fourth of the total cost compared to U.S.A.

Q: What is the quality of Cosmetic Surgical treatment in India ?

A: Excellent, comparable to the western Countries.

Q: Are Breast-implants dangerous ?

A: No, Not really. Latest reports show that there are minimum problems.

Q: Is there any risk of cancer with breast implants ?

A: Latest reports show, it carries minimum risk for cancer.

Q:Is Breast Augmentation, with implants a dangerous operation ?

A: In fact, it is a very simple operation.

Q:After breast augmentation, how much rest would be needed ?

A: Routine work limitation for 4-5 days, hard work limitation for 15 days Day to day necessary activities may be carried out from day 1.

Q: Are breast or nipple sensations lost after augmentation ?

A: Very rarely.

Q: Are there any scars after breast augmentation ?

A: Yes, but in hidden areas.

Q: What are breast implants ?

A: They are silicone bags containing silicone gel or saline which are quite inert to the body.

Q: Can manipulation damage the implants ?

A: No, infect exercises are advised for forcibly moving the implant. Manipulation by a partner is no harm at all. One month after surgery.

Q: Can injury damage a breast implant ?

A: Severe injury can, Penetrating injuries are most likely to damage implants.

Q: What is the commonest complication of breast implant ?

A: Capsular contracture, A hardness developing around implants.

Q: Does fat collect again after fat removal ?

A: If dietary and exercise regimens are not worked out well, it can collect again.

Q: How may areas can be tackled at a time for fat removal surgery ?

A: Generally one or two adjacent areas.

Q: What is done with extra skin over stomach area after sucking out fat ?

A: If it is significant, it needs removal through bikini (hidden) incisions.

Q: At what age normally nose corrections should be done ?

A: After 16 years in females, after 18 years in males.

Q: Can nose be contoured in any desired shape ?

A: No, there are surgical limitations, more importantly nose can be made to suit the face, and it should be in balance with other facial structures. Expectation should be realistic.

Q: At what highest age cosmetic surgery can be performed ?

A: No upper limit, if one is physically fit. Cosmetic surgery in eighties or nineties is not rare.

Q: Who caters to the patient after cosmetic face surgery ?

A: In initial period Cosmetic Surgeon follows you up, but later your beautician may be adequate.

Q: What can be done for creases over neck ?

A: Neck tightening can reduce Creases. The inside muscles can be suitable dealt with. Erbium YAG Resurfacing of Neck is an attractive alternative.

Q: What is done in hair transplantation ?

A: Hair from areas at back and sides of head are taken in form of mini and micro grafts and placed in bald areas, especially in front.

Q: Is the breast implant surgery mandatory ?

A: No, Only those women who want to move out in society with more confidence and better looks, choose this surgery. After one or two pregnancies breasts at times lose their mass significantly. Women feel as if they have lost their feminity. Augmentation is for them. Now-a-days implants in unmapped girls are on the rise.

Q: My Boyfriend / Husband wants me to undergo breast augmentation, Should I undergo augmentation?

A: It is the lady who decides about the surgery. It is the women herself, for whom the surgery is performed, finally makes up her mind. Paramours and husbands, if at all, are secondary beneficiaries.

Q: What is done in face-lift ?

A: Loose skin is surgically removed to get rid of creases and signs of ageing. Muscles are tightened.

Q: What is laser resurfacing & Laser Face-lift ?

A: Laser Face-lifts have largely replaced surgical lifts for patients from thirties through sixties. The new healing skin is much heather, healthy youngish, without creases. Carbon Dioxide & Erbium YAG lasers are used for this job.

Q: What is the commonest complication of laser resurfacing ?

A: Pigmentation. It goes away, but may take a long time, especially if instructions are not strictly adhered to.

Q: Who can undergo laser resurfacing ?

A: All individuals who desire this surgery. Age & nativity are no bar. Fair skin people do better than darker ones. Dark-skin people may take more time for color matching.

Q: What is a tummy-tuck ?

A: Removal of fat from tummy area, by suction - either by machine or by syringe liposuction. If need be extra skin removal.

Q: I am overweight. Shall I undergo fat removal surgery ?

A: Fat reduction surgery is "Body Shaping" surgery, not a weight reduction surgery; adequate diet regimen and exercise Schedule need to be adhered to, though its use for weight reduction is increasing.

Q: How much fat is removed in a single sitting ?

A: Up to 6.5lbs (3kgs) safely.

Q: From which area fat can be removed ?

A: Tummy (stomach area), Hips, Thighs, Legs, Arms, Chin, Face, breast, Male breast, Neck, Love handles

Q: Is fat removal surgery having high complication rate ?

A: No, but every surgery has it own share of complications.

Q: I have lot of Active acne. Can I go for Laser resurfacing ?

A: Well, yes. But only after the active acne phase is gone.

Q: I have Chicken-pox & Herpes marks on my face. Do I get advantage from Laser Resurfacing ?

A: Very much, Lasers can improve both types of scars significantly.

Q: Keloids are considered untreatable. What type of treatment can cure them ?

A: None, but lasers significantly control the keloid and hypertrophy scar problem.

Q: want to became fair, what shall I do ?

A: laser resurfacing can improve the complexion and help remove many blemishes form face skin.