For the first time in Gujarat (in 1996) we have established set up and have made use of computerized Video preview as integral part for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Mimics are developed and patient as well as Doctors can predict results of surgery. This is a blessing to people who have natural deformity by birth or occurred during accidents.

? Patients features (area to be reconstructed) is captured with Video Camera at different Angle of the computer screen.

? Plastic surgeon alters the image with computer to produce desired correction.

? Patient and the surgeon reach on understanding on the intended outcome of the surgery.

? Printed copies act as a reference during surgical procedures.

This integrated approach of high tech visualization technique supported by the surgical skills of plastic surgeon will usher in a new era amalgamated with high standard of technical skills mattering with patient's expectation, which is cost effective and more dependable rather than speculation.

Computer is also used for record keeping Patient's data, for accounting and for explaining various procedures of surgery.

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